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17 Individuals with the WEITZELL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WEITZELL, Alfred Harrison29 JAN 185614 APR 1919
WEITZELL, Alice Leona12 AUG 189724 MAR 1941
WEITZELL, Charles Albert18 JUN 18791 FEB 1950
WEITZELL, Elmer Floyd16 JAN 189121 JAN 1967
WEITZELL, Floyd Lyle14 MAY 19036 SEP 1983
WEITZELL, Harold25 AUG 1906
WEITZELL, Harrison Morton6 NOV 188822 JUL 1951
WEITZELL, Kenneth C.20 MAY 191029 NOV 1910
WEITZELL, Luella9 JAN 18933 APR 1976
WEITZELL, Mabel Elvan1 OCT 19024 DEC 1903
WEITZELL, Max William19 NOV 1913
WEITZELL, Naomi Belle1 SEP 189920 AUG 1973
WEITZELL, Nellie Esther28 JUL 189530 DEC 1969
WEITZELL, Walter Eli17 SEP 188317 JUL 1977
WEITZELL, William Harvey29 JUN 188122 APR 1951

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