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19 Individuals with the WALCH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WALCH, Caspar
WALCH, Charles Albert7 JAN 186617 DEC 1921
WALCH, Dolly
WALCH, Elizabeth Arvilla31 MAR 18748 JAN 1944
WALCH, Ellis Bernetta20 MAR 188511 AUG 1967
WALCH, James Clarence16 MAY 18805 SEP 1894
WALCH, Kenneth B.
WALCH, Kenneth B.
WALCH, Le Ray Benjamin27 OCT 187612 NOV 1876
WALCH, Lillie Giralda4 OCT 186921 OCT 1942
WALCH, Lydia Ann11 NOV 187727 SEP 1939
WALCH, Mary Jane21 DEC 18712 AUG 1947
WALCH, Millie Irene25 OCT 188830 OCT 1888
WALCH, Philip
WALCH, Philip Spencer25 DEC 18374 JAN 1908
WALCH, Thomas Lester18 OCT 188210 SEP 1939
WALCH, Wilhelmina22 NOV 1789
WALCH, William Spencer16 OCT 186723 OCT 1937

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