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4507 Individuals with the WELCH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
WELCH, "Mary" Caroline08 SEP 1825
WELCH, "Samuel" B.06 DEC 181823 SEP 1819
WELCH, "Samuel" DurgainABT 1796
WELCH, ???Private
WELCH, (Boy)21 Jul 1929
WELCH, (Infant daughter)FEB 1904FEB 1904
WELCH, (Infant daughter)1907In infancy
WELCH, (Infant daughter)25 DEC 192425 DEC 1924
WELCH, (Infant daughter)8 APR 19268 APR 1926
WELCH, (Infant daughter)MAR 1926In infancy
WELCH, (Infant son)OCT 192015 NOV 1920
WELCH, (Payson)25 MAR 184524 APR 1903
WELCH, A.1841
WELCH, A. JackABT 1875
WELCH, A. O.1858
WELCH, A.W. Boyd16 JAN 1917
WELCH, Aaron Ira13 JAN 1891
WELCH, Aaron Ira13 JAN 1891
WELCH, Aaron Shawn
WELCH, Abbie A.1902
WELCH, Abigail25 OCT 1712
WELCH, Abigail17811874
WELCH, Abigail13 JUN 1695
WELCH, Abigail25 OCT 1712
WELCH, Abigail13 JUN 1695
WELCH, Abner1833
WELCH, Abner Lee16 Jul 1942
WELCH, Abraham M.1828
WELCH, Abraham P.28 MAY 1881
WELCH, AcquillaABT 1834
WELCH, Ada Emily25 AUG 1883FEB 1940
WELCH, Ada Maybell30 SEP 18989 SEP 1963
WELCH, AdaJanePrivate
WELCH, Adam Henry3 FEB 1870
WELCH, Adam Lee
WELCH, Adam Lee
WELCH, Addie Deborah18811966
WELCH, Addie Lorena19 MAY 18952 MAY 1952
WELCH, Addie Mary1914
WELCH, Adelina1871
WELCH, Adeline1840
WELCH, Adeline1823ABT 1845
WELCH, Adeline Delphia23 MAY 1856
WELCH, Adia1867
WELCH, Adibell17 JUN 192110 MAY 1977
WELCH, Adibell
WELCH, Adrian Christopher5 APR 1998
WELCH, Agnes
WELCH, AgnesABT 1767
WELCH, AgnesABT 1767
WELCH, Agnes (Ann)ABT 1767
WELCH, Agnes Coila2 MAR 18968 AUG 1973
WELCH, Agnes Gunn
WELCH, Aileen
WELCH, Alan Robert
WELCH, Alanson C.1875
WELCH, Albert1862
WELCH, Albert
WELCH, Albert11 APR 1911JAN 1984
WELCH, Albert Alexander9 DEC 189728 APR 1960
WELCH, Albert Allen4 APR 193014 OCT 1995
WELCH, Albert Alonzo "Lon"11 JUL 18662 APR 1926
WELCH, Albert C.18 NOV 1865
WELCH, Albert Dean9 AUG 187610 FEB 1942
WELCH, Albert E.19 MAR 190917 APR 1989
WELCH, Albert J.1843
WELCH, Albert Joseph14 AUG 18963 DEC 1974
WELCH, Albert Lee31 JAN 18698 AUG 1926
WELCH, Albert Lee18 JUN 1947
WELCH, Albert Mark4 JUN 1968
WELCH, Albert Sidney29 MAR 186829 MAR 1941
WELCH, Albert Sidney18681941
WELCH, Albert T.
WELCH, Alcie
WELCH, Alex C.14 JUL 1847
WELCH, Alexander
WELCH, Alexander1844
WELCH, Alexander H.1859
WELCH, Alexander Judson25 SEP 18741918
WELCH, Alexander Marshall25 JUL 1855
WELCH, Alexander Marshall25 JUL 1855
WELCH, Alexantria D'Ann
WELCH, Alford Louie1 JAN 1920
WELCH, Alford Tolbert Jr.31 AUG 1940
WELCH, Alfred1847
WELCH, Alfred A.26 SEP 188811 MAY 1891
WELCH, Alfred Newman13 MAR 188116 SEP 1954
WELCH, Alfred Taylor30 Sep 18688 Aug 1934
WELCH, Alfred Taylor30 Sep 18688 Aug 1934
WELCH, AliceAbt 1853
WELCH, AliceFEB 1889
WELCH, Alice1760
WELCH, Alice2 APR 18684 FEB 1951
WELCH, Alice B.
WELCH, Alice Diane
WELCH, Alice Julia18521937
WELCH, Alice Mickey26 JUN 1924
WELCH, Alice Valentina25 JAN 1927
WELCH, Alicia Raye10 DEC 1949
WELCH, Aline
WELCH, Alison
WELCH, Allan Earl
WELCH, Allen B.22 SEP 1917
WELCH, Allen Kent
WELCH, Allen L.1838
WELCH, Allie M.1905
WELCH, Allison25 NOV 1984
WELCH, Allison Lafayette3 JUL 185430 JAN 1928
WELCH, Alonza Leonard1887
WELCH, Alonzo Lafayette3 SEP 183920 MAR 1917
WELCH, Alonzo Rivers
WELCH, Alphedus "Allie"5 JUN 185318 AUG 1942
WELCH, Althear18531884
WELCH, Althear18531884
WELCH, Alton Young1 SEP 1962
WELCH, Alva Elmer Pinkney20 NOV 1892
WELCH, Alvie L.
WELCH, Alvin E.
WELCH, Alvin E.
WELCH, Alvin Herschel
WELCH, Alvin James Lee24 OCT 1926
WELCH, AlvisABT 1874
WELCH, Amanda1871
WELCH, Amanda
WELCH, Amanda
WELCH, Amanda
WELCH, Amanda "Mandy"18771935
WELCH, Amanda Christine
WELCH, Amanda E.
WELCH, Amanda Kathrine
WELCH, Amanda Lynn
WELCH, Amanda Marcella25 FEB 186425 FEB 1899
WELCH, Amenda
WELCH, America E.1873
WELCH, Amos1818OCT 1862
WELCH, Amos23 SEP 1796
WELCH, Amy Dianna
WELCH, Amy Lilian30 MAY 1912
WELCH, Amy Lynette
WELCH, Amy Lynette
WELCH, Amy Lynn
WELCH, Amy Rene'
WELCH, Andra
WELCH, Andrea10 MAR 1990
WELCH, Andrea
WELCH, AndrewAUG 1892FEB 1893
WELCH, Andrew1805
WELCH, AndrewABT 1757
WELCH, AndrewABT 1770
WELCH, Andrew1807
WELCH, Andrew1890
WELCH, Andrew Cummings
WELCH, Andrew Franklin20 JUN 1877
WELCH, Andrew Hardeman17 DEC 1858JAN 1936
WELCH, Andrew J.1869
WELCH, Andrew Jackson19 NOV 184612 SEP 1927
WELCH, Andrew JacksonSEP 1845
WELCH, Andrew Jackson24 OCT 189620 SEP 1989
WELCH, Andrew Johnson
WELCH, Andrew S.1868
WELCH, Angela11 JAN 1980
WELCH, Angela Lyn Jones
WELCH, AngelinaABT 1859
WELCH, Angeline11 JUN 1835
WELCH, Angeline Rebecca
WELCH, Angie Deann
WELCH, AniciaPrivate
WELCH, Ann1765
WELCH, Ann3 MAR 1824
WELCH, Ann24 Jan 1937
WELCH, Ann Aliza Amberzine5 DEC 186823 JUN 1931
WELCH, Ann E.1868
WELCH, Anna25 AUG 182830 MAR 1914
WELCH, Anna1810
WELCH, Anna3 JAN 1735/36
WELCH, Anna3 JAN 1735/36
WELCH, AnnaABT 1750
WELCH, Anna30 DEC 1871WFT Est 1898-1965
WELCH, Anna3 JAN 1735/36
WELCH, Anna3 JAN 1735/36
WELCH, AnnaABT 1750
WELCH, Anna B1859
WELCH, Anna Matella
WELCH, Anna Minerva11 FEB 186825 AUG 1959
WELCH, Anna Naomi
WELCH, Anna S.5 OCT 1884
WELCH, Anne1848
WELCH, Anne Lucille17 SEP 1950
WELCH, Annie18861895
WELCH, Annie
WELCH, Annie
WELCH, Annie Elizabeth
WELCH, Annie Lee1907
WELCH, Annis E.
WELCH, Anny Eve1 OCT 18121850
WELCH, Anson Albert1893WFT Est. 1914-1983
WELCH, Anthony
WELCH, Anthony12 JUL 195515 JUN 1983
WELCH, Anthony Chad
WELCH, Anthony Chad
WELCH, Anthony Quentin20 JUL 1890ABT 1946
WELCH, Anville A.
WELCH, Arabella29 JUL 1869WFT Est 1901-1963
WELCH, Archibald1770
WELCH, Archibald (6)12 MAR 1794
WELCH, Archibald (6)12 MAR 1794
WELCH, Archie14 OCT 1908NOV 1975
WELCH, Archie Lee1 NOV 19169 DEC 1983
WELCH, Archie Vivian17 MAR 1895OCT 1986
WELCH, Arkie EugeneABT 1950
WELCH, Arledge Odell1912
WELCH, Arlef A.
WELCH, Arlene Aretta(PRIVATE)
WELCH, Arlesa
WELCH, Arless1914
WELCH, Arlia Faye
WELCH, Arline
WELCH, Arnie R.
WELCH, Arrie Ivalee14 JUN 187822 JUN 1942
WELCH, Arris Daniel "Monk"28 NOV 19178 AUG 1983
WELCH, Art , Jr.
WELCH, Art , Sr.15 SEP 190523 FEB 1972
WELCH, Art Henry
WELCH, ArtemisABT 1867
WELCH, Arthur
WELCH, Arthur
WELCH, Arthur D.1867
WELCH, Arthur Freeman
WELCH, Arthur Freeman1881Mar 1928
WELCH, Arthur Harold
WELCH, Arthur L.18 MAY 18939 SEP 1977
WELCH, Arthur T.12 FEB 188423 FEB 1958
WELCH, Arthur WilliamPrivate
WELCH, Arthur WilliamPrivate
WELCH, Artie Bell
WELCH, Artie Benton12 FEB 18843 AUG 1951

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