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23 Individuals with the TUDENHAM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TUDENHAM, Edmund Bedingfield OrABT 140022 Jun 1451
TUDENHAM, Edmund DeABT 1200ABT 1248
TUDENHAM, ElizabethABT 1338
TUDENHAM, Joan1396
TUDENHAM, JohnABT 12331292
TUDENHAM, John De13461392
TUDENHAM, MargaretABT 140415 Mar 1475
TUDENHAM, Margaret139915 May 1475
TUDENHAM, Mrs-JohnABT 1175
TUDENHAM, OliverABT 1376
TUDENHAM, OliverABT 1266ABT 1318
TUDENHAM, RobertABT 1328
TUDENHAM, RobertABT 13721417
TUDENHAM, Robert13941417
TUDENHAM, RobertABT 126417 Apr 1309
TUDENHAM, Robert DeABT 12959 Aug 1361
TUDENHAM, Robert deABT 12959 AUG 1361
TUDENHAM, Roger DeABT 11441210
TUDENHAM, ThomasABT 12971332
TUDENHAM, Thomas De140122 Feb 1460/1461
TUDENHAM, William DeABT 1172

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