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21 Individuals with the THUMMA Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
THUMMA, Alvin FrederickPrivate
THUMMA, Alvin FrederickPrivate
THUMMA, Anna Eliza27 MAY 186314 FEB 1944
THUMMA, Anna Marie19 MAY 1897
THUMMA, Ariel Maybell18 MAR 1901
THUMMA, Carol AnnPrivate
THUMMA, Charles Glenn14 NOV 189817 JUL 1984
THUMMA, Charles L.28 JUN 185921 NOV 1942
THUMMA, Francis Lewis5 MAR 1916
THUMMA, Harry Robert27 AUG 189120 JAN 1975
THUMMA, Harry Russell20 JUL 1929
THUMMA, Johannes20 DEC 18106 FEB 1885
THUMMA, John Harold
THUMMA, John Harold9 OCT 18938 MAY 1972
THUMMA, John William17 OCT 185725 SEP 1858
THUMMA, Robert
THUMMA, Samuel Howard12 MAR 18679 SEP 1935
THUMMA, Sarah Ellen12 MAR 186516 OCT 1865

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