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33 Individuals with the TOLLETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
TOLLETT, David T.17921852
TOLLETT, Dorothy Jane17 Jul 1846
TOLLETT, Edward Franklin1830/18311831
TOLLETT, Elijah18091853
TOLLETT, Emily Emma Brown14 Dec 186113 Jan 1944
TOLLETT, femaleABT 1880ABT 1883
TOLLETT, Ferdinand Gallatin18281871
TOLLETT, Harriet "Hattie"17 Jul 18825 Apr 1903
TOLLETT, Harriet Elizabeth14 Jun 1859
TOLLETT, Harriet Louisa18331905
TOLLETT, Henry17891871
TOLLETT, Henry Clay13 Aug 179313 Aug 1871
TOLLETT, Henry Clay17 Sep 1849AFT 17 Sep 1898
TOLLETT, John2 OCT 17901 MAY 1863
TOLLETT, John17561824
TOLLETT, Lester W.May 189413 Jul 1907
TOLLETT, Louise Fatima3 Sep 1844
TOLLETT, Lucidy CatherineIn Infancy
TOLLETT, Margaret30 NOV 17931871
TOLLETT, Margaret Jane18251901
TOLLETT, Mark17861834
TOLLETT, Mary B.24 JAN 1907
TOLLETT, Mary B.24 JAN 1907
TOLLETT, Mary Matilda8 Jan 1847
TOLLETT, Rowland Carroll18211912
TOLLETT, Sarah1828
TOLLETT, Temperance Laura5 Apr 1856
TOLLETT, Thomas Pollard13 Jul 1857
TOLLETT, Wesley17981838
TOLLETT, William Jefferson29 Nov 18191891
TOLLETT, William Milton5 Mar 1864

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