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139 Individuals with the SQUIER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SQUIER, Abraham?
SQUIER, Ada RozinaJul 18581908
SQUIER, Alice L.5-JAN-187914-SEP-1881
SQUIER, Almon R.29-MAR-18698-MAY-1871
SQUIER, Andrew T.22-FEB-18321884
SQUIER, Andrew T.12-MAY-1876
SQUIER, Ashbel M.??
SQUIER, Avery19 Sep 1877Jul 1962
SQUIER, BarbaraABT 1925
SQUIER, Barnard
SQUIER, Barnard
SQUIER, Benjamin?
SQUIER, Bernice23 Sep 1899Sep 1968
SQUIER, Betty Anne27 Jul 1934
SQUIER, BillieABT 1900
SQUIER, BonnieABT 1900Deceased
SQUIER, BonnieABT 1925
SQUIER, BrotherABT 1830Deceased
SQUIER, BurtABT 1900
SQUIER, Carl21 Sep 1899Aug 1969
SQUIER, CarlABT 1930
SQUIER, ChadABT 1980
SQUIER, Claude6 Sep 190124 Aug 1984
SQUIER, Cora L.10-NOV-1871
SQUIER, DavidABT 1935
SQUIER, David W.15-MAR-1822JAN 1890
SQUIER, David W.19-JUN-18645-OCT-1864
SQUIER, Delana8 MAR 18006 JUL 1878
SQUIER, DonnaABT 1930
SQUIER, DonnaABT 1965
SQUIER, Dora May10 Sep 190117 Apr 1910
SQUIER, Dorothy Louise7 Jun 1933Jul 1993
SQUIER, E. D.16-MAY-184912-JUN-1868
SQUIER, Ebenezur3-NOV-16811695
SQUIER, EberABT 1900Deceased
SQUIER, Edna14 Feb 190213 Nov 1916
SQUIER, EffieABT 11 May 1905
SQUIER, Effie D.1880
SQUIER, Elaine
SQUIER, Elijah??
SQUIER, Elizabeth
SQUIER, Elizabeth2-FEB-1669
SQUIER, EmilyABT 1840
SQUIER, Emily M.8-AUG-1864
SQUIER, Emma Cornelia17 JAN 1920
SQUIER, Emma Leon28 Jul 1932
SQUIER, Ethel Edith Gibbs16 Apr 1892ABT Jan 1944
SQUIER, Eva L.5-DEC-18551-JAN-1900
SQUIER, Eveline
SQUIER, Florence MayABT 1935
SQUIER, Frank W.17-OCT-18531-JAN-1900
SQUIER, Franklin B.8-DEC-18661-JAN-1900
SQUIER, FredABT 1865Deceased
SQUIER, GaleABT 1930
SQUIER, Gardner
SQUIER, Gary DeanABT 1965
SQUIER, George Henry
SQUIER, George Owen21 Mar 186512 Mar 1934
SQUIER, Georgetta14 Sep 1927
SQUIER, Gordon B.9 Nov 193319 Jul 1988
SQUIER, Gracie O.11-JUL-1877
SQUIER, Grizzell14-MAY-16681735-1762
SQUIER, Hannah28-JUL-1688
SQUIER, Hannah10 SEP 18334 APR 1897
SQUIER, Harry Avery14 Jan 1903Nov 1979
SQUIER, Ida May23 Jun 186923 Jul 1932
SQUIER, Ida May24 NOV 186328 JUL 1947
SQUIER, Ira4 Mar 186011 Nov 1940
SQUIER, JamesABT 1880Deceased
SQUIER, James "Jim" D.13 APR 18289 FEB 1901
SQUIER, James A.13-MAR-18812-AUG-1952
SQUIER, JaneABT 1593
SQUIER, Jane9-JUN-1674
SQUIER, Jane29-JAN-1690
SQUIER, Jeffery1957
SQUIER, Jennie29-MAY-18671919
SQUIER, John24 MAR 17921879
SQUIER, John1834
SQUIER, John16-AUG-1678
SQUIER, John M.15-JUL-186918-DEC-1954
SQUIER, John Winans??
SQUIER, JoyceABT 1925
SQUIER, Kenneth25 Jun 190711 Aug 1981
SQUIER, Laura N.22-FEB-1874
SQUIER, Leon23 Nov 1900Feb 1967
SQUIER, Leon DonaldABT 1925
SQUIER, LeroyABT 1925Deceased
SQUIER, Lester26 Dec 187911 Apr 1969
SQUIER, LetitiaAbt 176713 Nov 1856
SQUIER, Lonnie Lee7 Mar 1940
SQUIER, Margaret1682-1684
SQUIER, MargeryABT 1504
SQUIER, Margery1505
SQUIER, Margery1505
SQUIER, MargeryABT 1504
SQUIER, Marian MarieABT 1935
SQUIER, Mary1679
SQUIER, Mary10-AUG-1687
SQUIER, Mary "Polly"ABT 176921 NOV 1793
SQUIER, Menzikoff Catherine
SQUIER, Narcissa
SQUIER, Nellie24-MAR-18608-OCT-1860
SQUIER, Nettie4-APR-18651915
SQUIER, NettieABT 1845
SQUIER, Nora Jean24 Jun 19411986
SQUIER, Pearlie L.28-APR-1872
SQUIER, Permelia Mornilvia7 NOV 1847AUG 1921
SQUIER, Phillip24-NOV-164229-FEB-1693
SQUIER, Phillip20-MAR-167114-NOV-1747
SQUIER, PhillipABT 16891741
SQUIER, Phyllis Alvira25 Jan 191130 Jun 1987
SQUIER, Prudence15-AUG-1686
SQUIER, Rachael5-JAN-1665MAY 1694
SQUIER, Ransom J.28-FEB-1838
SQUIER, Reatha
SQUIER, Reuben
SQUIER, RevaABT 1890
SQUIER, Robert23 Oct 1921Jan 1983
SQUIER, RuthABT 1930
SQUIER, Samuel1601
SQUIER, Sarah20-MAR-1684
SQUIER, Sheila Joyce1950
SQUIER, Thomas31-OCT-1694
SQUIER, Unknown1-JUN-187315-JUN-1873
SQUIER, Warren10 Nov 181910 May 1898
SQUIER, Warren B.25 Jun 190526 Nov 1956
SQUIER, William
SQUIER, William?
SQUIER, William15-OCT-1676
SQUIER, William F.1898Deceased

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