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101 Individuals with the SHORE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SHORE, Agnes
SHORE, Ales16 Apr 1654
SHORE, Alice22 Apr 1599
SHORE, Angela Rose24 Jul 1953
SHORE, Ann18 Jun 1645
SHORE, Arthur
SHORE, Arthur ErnestABT 1881
SHORE, Austin Edward2 Oct 1928
SHORE, Austin Edward18 Mar 1950
SHORE, Barbara O18 OCT 185122 DEC 1887
SHORE, Bertie Louetta12 DEC 1900
SHORE, Blanche19 JUL 189017 MAY 1980
SHORE, Daisey
SHORE, David1840
SHORE, Dianah
SHORE, Doyle
SHORE, Edmund24 Sep 1643
SHORE, Edmund10 Feb 1599
SHORE, Elizabeth
SHORE, Elizabeth14 Oct 1632
SHORE, Esther
SHORE, Esther
SHORE, Frances1835
SHORE, Grace18 Mar 1593
SHORE, Grace Mae15 OCT 1902
SHORE, Henrie3 May 1635
SHORE, Henry23 Mar 1606
SHORE, HenryAbt 1616
SHORE, Ina EllaABT 1904
SHORE, James14 Dec 1589
SHORE, James30 Oct 1603
SHORE, Jane21 Jan 1649
SHORE, Jane21 Apr 1661
SHORE, Jane3 May 1635
SHORE, Jane30 May 1630Bef 1635
SHORE, Jerry Wayne
SHORE, Jerry Wayne
SHORE, Joanne Lynn
SHORE, John20 Jul 1600
SHORE, John H18801957
SHORE, John Roe
SHORE, John ShermanABT 1906
SHORE, Kathryn Agnes23 SEP 1915
SHORE, Kathryn Agnes23 SEP 1915
SHORE, Laetitia
SHORE, Lansey Arlandus
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, Living
SHORE, MaeABT 1897
SHORE, Malinda Mariah
SHORE, Margaret Louise20C.
SHORE, Marie26 Oct 1634
SHORE, Marie23 Mar 1583
SHORE, Marie3 Apr 1596
SHORE, Marie16 Mar 1627
SHORE, Marshall RayABT 1908
SHORE, Martha1 Jun 1595
SHORE, Martha Elizabeth14 Dec 182525 Apr 1856
SHORE, Martha Pearl
SHORE, Martha Pearl
SHORE, Mary17 Jan 1657
SHORE, Mary1 Mar 1639Bef 1657
SHORE, Mitchell Filmore
SHORE, Phoebe
SHORE, Phoebe
SHORE, Powel20 JUN 1926
SHORE, RichardAbt 1700Abt 1778
SHORE, Robert3 Jul 1597
SHORE, Robert19 Aug 1632
SHORE, Samuell11 Jul 1602
SHORE, SarahAbt 1728Abt 1803
SHORE, Sarah
SHORE, Sarah
SHORE, Sexton Denny31 JUL 187604 MAY 1944
SHORE, Tami22 SEP 1962
SHORE, Thomas
SHORE, ThomasAbt 1557
SHORE, Thomas28 Apr 1622
SHORE, Thomas7 Sep 1623
SHORE, Thomas Jessup
SHORE, Virginia1925
SHORE, William
SHORE, William
SHORE, William Nathan21 May 1912
SHORE, William Nathan21 May 1912

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