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28 Individuals with the SPINNOY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SPINNOY, Adela24 JAN 1896AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Adrianus JosephusABT 1858AFT 1897
SPINNOY, Albertus4 APR 1874AFT 1897
SPINNOY, Carolina
SPINNOY, Clementina1 NOV 1879AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Franciscus26 MAR 1872
SPINNOY, Guilielmus8 SEP 1898AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Gustaaf29 NOV 1882AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Jan BaptistABT 1811AFT 1864/1893
SPINNOY, Joannes
SPINNOY, Joannes Baptist30 APR 1813
SPINNOY, Joannes Baptist27 JAN 183423 NOV 1864
SPINNOY, Joannes Baptist13 JAN 1900AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Joannes BaptistaABT 1866AFT 1898
SPINNOY, Joannes Baptista7 JAN 1842AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Julia13 AUG 1870AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Maria23 AUG 1894AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Maria Blondina29 AUG 1898AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Maria Elisabeth15 SEP 18318 SEP 1878
SPINNOY, Maria Elisabeth
SPINNOY, Maria Ludovica26 SEP 1861AFT 1892
SPINNOY, Maria Theresia
SPINNOY, Marie Louise
SPINNOY, Petronille23 SEP 1847AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Petrus28 JUL 183713 NOV 1893
SPINNOY, Petrus Joannes20 JUN 1866AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Philemon2 SEP 1877AFT 1900
SPINNOY, Rosina Maria21 JUL 1897AFT 1900

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