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234 Individuals with the SPAIN Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SPAIN, Abigail
SPAIN, Addison_(F5 for notes)? ___ 1823
SPAIN, Aldora1871
SPAIN, Alfonso Prince Of22 Sep 161116 Sep 1612
SPAIN, Alfonso The Infante ofAbt 1875
SPAIN, Alfonso X, King of12284 Apr 1284
SPAIN, Alfonso Xii of28 Nov 18571885
SPAIN, Alfonso Xiii17 May 188628 Feb 1941
SPAIN, Alphonso VIII Of11551214
SPAIN, Alva J.
SPAIN, Amadeus of18451890
SPAIN, Amalaric King of VisigothABT 05000531
SPAIN, Amalia Felipina Del Pilar, Princess Of12 Oct 183427 Aug 1905
SPAIN, Amber1879
SPAIN, Anna Princess Of22 Sep 160120 Jan 1666
SPAIN, Antonio Pascual Prince Of31 Dec 175520 Apr 1817
SPAIN, Athanagild Visigoth King ofBEF 05200567
SPAIN, Balthazar Prince Of17 Oct 1629Sep 1646
SPAIN, Barbara Ann
SPAIN, Bile King of
SPAIN, Bonnie Lou8 DEC 1955
SPAIN, Bonnie Lou8 DEC 1955
SPAIN, Bradley Wortham23 SEP 1969
SPAIN, Breogan King of
SPAIN, Brunchildis of618
SPAIN, C. Michael
SPAIN, Carlos Clemente Prince Of19 Sep 17717 Mar 1774
SPAIN, Carlos Francisco Prince Of5 Sep 178311 Nov 1784
SPAIN, Carlos II King Of6 Nov 16611 Nov 1700
SPAIN, Carlos Lorenz Prince Of12 Aug 157330 Jun 1575
SPAIN, Carlos Prince Of15 Sep 160730 Jul 1632
SPAIN, Carlos Prince Of5 Mar 178011 Jun 1783
SPAIN, Carlos Prince Of31 Jan 181813 Jan 1861
SPAIN, Carlos Prince Of Count of Molina29 Mar 178810 Mar 1855
SPAIN, CarlosI King of15001558
SPAIN, Carlota Princess Of25 Apr 17757 Jan 1830
SPAIN, Carlotta of17751830
SPAIN, Catalina Princess Of14 Jan 150712 Feb 1578
SPAIN, Catherine of1507
SPAIN, Charles II of16611 Nov 1700
SPAIN, Charles V King of24 Feb 15001558
SPAIN, Charles V of24 Feb 150021 Sep 1558
SPAIN, CharlesII King of
SPAIN, Charlie
SPAIN, Chauncey H17 JUL 1875
SPAIN, Chris
SPAIN, Christopher Sterling
SPAIN, Claude
SPAIN, Cristina (Maria) Isabel Princess Of5 Jun 183319 Jan 1902
SPAIN, Daughter Princess OfNov 1662
SPAIN, Diego Prince Of12 Jul 157521 Nov 1582
SPAIN, Don Carlos of
SPAIN, Drusilla1733
SPAIN, Edith
SPAIN, Edward Ervin1845
SPAIN, Edward Frank "Butch"28 JUN 1961
SPAIN, Eleanor of1498
SPAIN, Eleanora ofAbt 1394Aft 1432
SPAIN, Elizabeth A18165 JUL 1871
SPAIN, Emma Mae26 MAY 18806 JAN 1955
SPAIN, Enrique Maria Fernando Carlos Prince Of17 Apr 182312 Mar 1870
SPAIN, Ernest Lynwood
SPAIN, Ethel
SPAIN, Eulalia ofAbt 1855
SPAIN, Eulalia Princess Of12 Feb 18648 Mar 1958
SPAIN, Felipe (Eduardo) Maria Prince Of4 Apr 182622 Oct 1830
SPAIN, Felipe Antonio Prince Of13 Jun 174719 Sep 1777
SPAIN, Felipe Prince Of5 Sep 178318 Oct 1784
SPAIN, Felipe Prince Of28 May 17921 Mar 1794
SPAIN, Felipe Prince Of15 Mar 172018 Jul 1765
SPAIN, Felipe Prosper Prince Of28 Dec 16571 Nov 1661
SPAIN, Ferdinand V "The Catholic" of10 MAR 1451/5225 JAN 1515/16
SPAIN, Ferdinand VI of17131759
SPAIN, Fernando Maria Mariano Prince Of11 Apr 183217 Jul 1854
SPAIN, Fernando Prince Of16 May 16099 Nov 1641
SPAIN, Fernando Prince Of12 Jul 185012 Jul 1850
SPAIN, Fernando Prince Of13 Oct 18242 Jan 1861
SPAIN, Fernando Prince Of4 Dec 157118 Oct 1578
SPAIN, Francis de Paula of
SPAIN, Francis Kirk
SPAIN, Francisco de Asis Fernando Prince Of6 May 182015 Nov 1821
SPAIN, Francisco De Paula Antonio Maria Prince Of10 Mar 179413 Aug 1865
SPAIN, Francisco Fernando Prince Of163212 Mar 1634
SPAIN, Francisco Javier Prince Of17 Feb 175710 Apr 1771
SPAIN, Francisco Prince Of21 Mar 171721 Apr 1717
SPAIN, Francisco Prince Of24 Jan 186614 Feb 1866
SPAIN, Frank HollowayCA 1908
SPAIN, Frank J.ABT. 1848
SPAIN, Gabriel Prince Of11 May 175223 Nov 1788
SPAIN, Gallamh 'Milesus' King inABT 0853 BCABT 0806 BC
SPAIN, Grainne
SPAIN, Granville
SPAIN, Helen Marie
SPAIN, Humbert of
SPAIN, Ida3 AUG 187727 OCT 1901
SPAIN, Ida Mae
SPAIN, Isabel Fernanda Francisca Princess Of18 May 18219 May 1897
SPAIN, Isabel of1501
SPAIN, Isabel Princess Of6 Jul 178913 Sep 1848
SPAIN, Isabel Princess Of18 Jul 150119 Jan 1525/1526
SPAIN, Isabel Princess Of20 Dec 185123 Apr 1931
SPAIN, Isabel Princess Of31 Oct 16271 Nov 1627
SPAIN, Isabella ofAbt 1847
SPAIN, james
SPAIN, Jason Douglas1976
SPAIN, Jessie
SPAIN, Jessie
SPAIN, Joanna or Juana of Aragon-Spain14791555
SPAIN, John William4 Dec 18187 Nov 1870
SPAIN, Josefina Fernanda Luisa de Princess Of25 May 182710 Jun 1910
SPAIN, Juan III Carlos Maria Isidro Prince Of15 May 182221 Nov 1887
SPAIN, Juana of1535
SPAIN, Kelton Edward
SPAIN, Kirk Joseph
SPAIN, Kristie Lynne1980
SPAIN, Laura1877
SPAIN, Leovigild King of Visigoth0586
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Living
SPAIN, Loretta
SPAIN, Lou Ella
SPAIN, Louis I of17011724
SPAIN, Louise of
SPAIN, Luis Antonio Prince Of25 Jul 17277 Aug 1785
SPAIN, Luis Prince Of20 May 1849
SPAIN, Luisa (Maria) Fernanda Princess Of30 Jan 18322 Feb 1897
SPAIN, Luisa Teresa Maria del Carmen Princess Of11 Jun 182427 Dec 1900
SPAIN, Lydia18813 JUN 1953
SPAIN, Lydia
SPAIN, Lydia May
SPAIN, Maghmor King of
SPAIN, Margaret Ann31 OCT 1949
SPAIN, Margarita Princess Of24 May 161011 Mar 1617
SPAIN, Margarita Princess Of12 Jul 165112 Mar 1673
SPAIN, Margarita Princess Of25 Nov 162322 Dec 1623
SPAIN, Marguerite of15211586
SPAIN, Maria Amalia Princess Of9 Jan 177927 Jul 1798
SPAIN, Maria Ambrosia Princess Of5 Dec 165521 Dec 1655
SPAIN, Maria Anna Princess Of18 Aug 160613 May 1646
SPAIN, Maria Anna Princess Of3 Jul 175411 May 1755
SPAIN, Maria Anna Victoria Princess Of31 Mar 171815 Jan 1781
SPAIN, Maria Antonia ofAbt 1715
SPAIN, Maria Antonia Princess Of17 Jan 16365 Dec 1636
SPAIN, Maria Antonia Princess Of Queen of Sardinia17 Nov 172919 Sep 1785
SPAIN, Maria Cristina Princess Of5 Jan 18548 Jan 1854
SPAIN, Maria De La Paz Juana Amalia Adalberta Of23 Jun 18624 Dec 1946
SPAIN, Maria De Las Concepcion Princess Of26 Dec 185921 Oct 1861
SPAIN, Maria Del Pilar Princess Of4 Jun 18615 Aug 1879
SPAIN, Maria Eugenia Princess Of21 Nov 162521 Jul 1627
SPAIN, Maria Isabel Princess Of6 Sep 1740Nov 1742
SPAIN, Maria Isabel, Princess Of30 Apr 17435 Mar 1749
SPAIN, Maria Josefa Princess Of20 Jan 17423 Apr 1742
SPAIN, Maria Josefa Princess Of6 Jul 17448 Jul 1801
SPAIN, Maria Luisa Princess Of24 Nov 174515 May 1792
SPAIN, Maria Luisa Princess Of11 Sep 17772 Jul 1782
SPAIN, Maria Margarita Princess Of14 Aug 162115 Aug 1621
SPAIN, Maria of15 Sep 1505
SPAIN, Maria Princess Of1 Feb 16031 Mar 1603
SPAIN, Maria Princess Of17 Sep 150518 Oct 1558
SPAIN, Maria Princess Of14 Feb 15805 Aug 1583
SPAIN, Maria Teresa Princess Of3 Dec 174929 Apr 1750
SPAIN, Maria Teresa Princess Of16 Feb 17912 Nov 1794
SPAIN, Maria Teresa Princess Of11 Jun 172622 Jul 1746
SPAIN, Maria Teresa Princess Of20 Sep 163830 Jul 1683
SPAIN, Maria Theresa ofAbt 1720Bef 1753
SPAIN, Maria Theresa of
SPAIN, Mariana of
SPAIN, Marie Luise Princess Of6 Jul 178213 Mar 1824
SPAIN, Marsha E.? ___ 1952
SPAIN, MaryAbt 1770
SPAIN, Mary Emily1887
SPAIN, Mattie
SPAIN, Milesius (Galamh) King_of
SPAIN, Milesius Gallamh King of
SPAIN, Minnie W.1865AFT 1910
SPAIN, Minnie W.1865AFT 1910
SPAIN, Modena
SPAIN, Orin1869
SPAIN, Pedro Carlos Prince Of
SPAIN, Philip I "The Handsome" King Of22 Jun 147825 Sep 1506
SPAIN, Philip II King of21 MAY 152713 SEP 1598
SPAIN, Philip II King of15271596
SPAIN, Philip III of15781621
SPAIN, PhilipII Habsburg King of
SPAIN, PhilipII King of15271598
SPAIN, PhilipIII King of15781621
SPAIN, PhilipIV King of16051665
SPAIN, Phillip IV of16051665
SPAIN, Rachel
SPAIN, Rachel L.30 Aug 184421 May 1900
SPAIN, Ralph
SPAIN, Recared King of VisigothJun 0601
SPAIN, Robert
SPAIN, Sancho III Emperor of9851035
SPAIN, SarahABT 1761ABT 1822
SPAIN, Sarah11 AUG 1734
SPAIN, Sarah Ann10 Jul 1815
SPAIN, Sarah P.4 Dec 1840
SPAIN, Sebastian Prince Of4 Nov 181113 Feb 1875
SPAIN, Son Prince Of23 Jul 1798
SPAIN, Son Prince Of23 Sep 1855
SPAIN, Son Prince Of21 Jun 1856
SPAIN, Teobaldo I, King of120114 Jul 1253
SPAIN, Teresa (Maria) Carolina Princess Of15 Nov 18283 Nov 1829
SPAIN, Thomas Carlos Prince Of23 Dec 165822 Oct 1659
SPAIN, Timothy Randall21 OCT 1953
SPAIN, Timothy Randall21 OCT 1953
SPAIN, William Douglas1954
SPAIN, William John III22 NOV 1947
SPAIN, William John Jr.11 SEP 1914
SPAIN, William Louis
SPAIN, William Louis27 FEB 1918
SPAIN, William Louis
SPAIN, William Louis27 FEB 1918
SPAIN, William Macy (Jr.)22 JAN 1956
SPAIN, William Macy (Sr.)CA 1930

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