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56 Individuals with the SLYE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SLYE, Arthur D.14 Dec 1877
SLYE, Benjamin
SLYE, Dianne Marie
SLYE, Donna Joyce
SLYE, Douglas Wade
SLYE, Elinor1 NOV 1603
SLYE, Elizabeth
SLYE, Elizabeth
SLYE, Elizabeth1733
SLYE, Elizabeth19 DEC 1619
SLYE, ElizabethBET 1705 AND 1720UNKNOWN
SLYE, Elizabeth161416 APR 1616
SLYE, Florence Ida7 Oct 187012 Apr 1958
SLYE, Frances1675
SLYE, George
SLYE, George
SLYE, GeorgeBET 1705 AND 1720UNKNOWN
SLYE, George1580
SLYE, George16 NOV 1617
SLYE, George
SLYE, Georgins16 NOV 1617
SLYE, Gerard
SLYE, HenriettaBET 1705 AND 1720UNKNOWN
SLYE, JaneABT 1556AFT 30 MAR 1583
SLYE, JaneABT 1556AFT 30 MAR 1583
SLYE, Joe Edward
SLYE, John9 AUG 1600
SLYE, Joshua
SLYE, Joshua
SLYE, Leroy6 Jan 1873
SLYE, Lorna Carol
SLYE, Lorne Edward
SLYE, Lynna Beth
SLYE, MaryAbt 1636/163818 SEP 1700
SLYE, Michael
SLYE, Michael Wayne
SLYE, MILLER171410 FEB 1793
SLYE, MILLER171410 FEB 1793
SLYE, Philip
SLYE, Philip Elwood
SLYE, Rebecca Dinah174025 NOV 1818
SLYE, Rebecca Dinah174025 NOV 1818
SLYE, Rex Wade2 Feb 193830 Mar 1992
SLYE, Robert8 JUL 16271670
SLYE, Robert
SLYE, Robert 2nd
SLYE, Sarah
SLYE, SarahOCT 16158 MAY 1688
SLYE, Sarah29 OCT 16156 MAY 1688
SLYE, Susanna25 AUG 1609
SLYE, SusannahBET 1705 AND 1719UNKNOWN
SLYE, Thomas1 SEP 1611
SLYE, William Henry Harrison16 Jul 182121 Mar 1901

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