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38 Individuals with the SHILL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
SHILL, Alberta (Allie)19031981
SHILL, Ann21 Jan 18237 Dec 1896
SHILL, Ann1684
SHILL, Ann17 Sep 1786
SHILL, Anne1720
SHILL, Charles Golding12 Feb 182119 Jun 1910
SHILL, Charles T.18661919
SHILL, DanABT 1726
SHILL, Dan16477 Mar 1706
SHILL, DanABT 1680ABT 1753
SHILL, Elizabeth18141890
SHILL, Elizabeth17195 Jun 1719
SHILL, Esther168724 Apr 1687
SHILL, George1 Jun 18263 Aug 1903
SHILL, Joan1671
SHILL, John18 Dec 181815 Jun 1904
SHILL, John1 May 1757
SHILL, John1664
SHILL, John1723
SHILL, Joseph1688Oct 1688
SHILL, Louisa29 Jun 182928 Apr 1903
SHILL, Mary1667
SHILL, Mary1715
SHILL, Mary1 Mar 176724 Apr 1842
SHILL, Mary1842
SHILL, Mary7 Dec 181214 Aug 1848
SHILL, Minnie (Babe)
SHILL, Rachel12 May 18171890
SHILL, RichardABT 1685
SHILL, Richard18101869
SHILL, Robert11 Dec 18118 Aug 1855
SHILL, Robert169010 Jul 1690
SHILL, Robert Chapple7 Jun 17896 Oct 1865
SHILL, Sarah29 Sep 1755
SHILL, Sarah1678
SHILL, Susanna12 May 18161885
SHILL, Thomas6 May 1759
SHILL, William10 Apr 182218 Jul 1896

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