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671 Individuals with the REBER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
REBER, Abraham
REBER, Abraham
REBER, Ada Jane12 May 186421 Sep 1864
REBER, Adalaide4 May 1841
REBER, Addie
REBER, Agnes
REBER, Agnes Jone
REBER, Agnes Pauline
REBER, Albert23 Oct 1845
REBER, Albert28 Mar 1853
REBER, Alice1860
REBER, Alice Deborah
REBER, Alice K.7 Aug 1862
REBER, Alice L.
REBER, Alva S.
REBER, Alvesta
REBER, Alvin D.
REBER, Alvin Jorgensen22 SEP 1976
REBER, Alvin L.
REBER, Amelia C.8 Aug 1856
REBER, Angeline16 Sep 18371900
REBER, Ann11 May 1858
REBER, Ann H.31 Jan 182121 May 1897
REBER, Anna ElisabethABT Jul 1716
REBER, Anna Elisabetha14 OCT 1747AFT 1783
REBER, Anna Eliza28 Jan
REBER, Anna Langley25 Jun 1881CHILD
REBER, Anna Mabel2 Oct 187810 Dec 1957
REBER, Anna MagdaleneABT Jun 1720
REBER, Anna Margaretha28 Oct 1750
REBER, Anna Margaretha1 Oct 1781
REBER, Anna Maria28 Mar 1703
REBER, Anna Maria8 Nov 17789 Jul 1854
REBER, Anna MarieABT Jun 166517 Jul 1665
REBER, Annie
REBER, Annie
REBER, Annie31 Jul 184213 Aug 1846
REBER, Annie18641887
REBER, Annie B.
REBER, Annie C.30 Aug 1863
REBER, Annie Inge21 Jul 1885
REBER, Annie M.
REBER, Arabella
REBER, Artha Louise23 Feb 1934
REBER, Arthur Alvin
REBER, Arthur Edward9 Sep 1893
REBER, Arthur Lloyd
REBER, Arthur Lyons "Art"1 Sep 187930 Dec 1964
REBER, Arthur Samuel
REBER, Arthur W.
REBER, Barbara
REBER, Beatrice
REBER, Benjamin14 May 180714 Jan 1885
REBER, Benjamin1872INFANT
REBER, Benjamin Franklin19 Mar 186314 Sep 1871
REBER, Benneville B.
REBER, Bertha I.
REBER, Bertram
REBER, Bessie
REBER, Bessie I.1888
REBER, Burch F.
REBER, Calvin
REBER, Calvin L
REBER, Carl G.
REBER, Caroline18291893
REBER, Caroline Hottensleen
REBER, Carrie L.
REBER, Catharina1 MAR 184211 JUL 1873
REBER, CatharinaABT Sep 1668
REBER, Catharina15 MAR 175119 APR 1829
REBER, Catharine1749
REBER, Catharine10 Apr 1774
REBER, Catharine18571863
REBER, Catharine (Kitty)
REBER, Catharine Alice26 Feb 1857
REBER, Catherine9 Oct 1813
REBER, Catherine10 Aug 1828INFANT
REBER, Charles
REBER, Charles
REBER, Charles20 Jun 18119 May 1853
REBER, Charles
REBER, Charles B.24 Jul 181422 May 1888
REBER, Charles C.14 Jul 1854
REBER, Charles C.
REBER, Charles D.
REBER, Charles D.
REBER, Charles Elton11 Aug 1861
REBER, Charles Sherman18 Aug 1870
REBER, Charles T.18 Jan 1836May 1890
REBER, child #1
REBER, child #10CHILD
REBER, child #2
REBER, child #4CHILD
REBER, child #5CHILD
REBER, child #6CHILD
REBER, child #7CHILD
REBER, child #8CHILD
REBER, child #9CHILD
REBER, Christina
REBER, Clara9 Oct 1844
REBER, Clara3 Aug 1899
REBER, Clara19 Jul 1875
REBER, Clara1864
REBER, Clara S.
REBER, Clarence2 Jan 1884
REBER, Clarence Irwin
REBER, Claud
REBER, Clay2 Mar 1863
REBER, Clinton Oscar21 NOV 1895UNKNOWN
REBER, Conrad18 May 178827 Feb 1829
REBER, ConradABT Oct 165921 Apr 1735
REBER, Conrad18 May 178827 Sep 1854
REBER, Conrad B.
REBER, Cora Ann24 Oct 1879
REBER, Cora B.4 Oct 18661 Apr 1910
REBER, Cora Eliza1863
REBER, Daisy Tabille24 NOV 1890UNKNOWN
REBER, Danica Michelle15 AUG 1999
REBER, Daniel
REBER, Daniel162817 Dec 1702
REBER, Daniel15 Nov 182513 Sep 1894
REBER, Daniel
REBER, Daniel B.1820
REBER, Daniel Effinger7 Dec 188110 Apr 1955
REBER, Daniel Effinger13 Feb 185910 Oct 1941
REBER, Daniel F.
REBER, Daniel J.18341904
REBER, daughter
REBER, David9 Jun 18171894
REBER, Deborah
REBER, Debra Kay6 Mar 1956
REBER, Delbert Donald
REBER, Delta Bernice18 MAR 1915
REBER, E. Katharine1885
REBER, Edgar
REBER, Edith
REBER, Edith McKinney
REBER, Edna Caroline
REBER, Edna Marie
REBER, Edward
REBER, Edward (Edwin)
REBER, Edward A.
REBER, Edward Conrad184426 Apr 1890
REBER, Edward D. B.
REBER, Edward M.28 Oct 1845
REBER, Edward Nolan
REBER, Edwin
REBER, Edwin Valentine
REBER, Effinger21 Mar 184327 Dec 1877
REBER, Effinger1872
REBER, Elenora
REBER, Eleonore AmaliaABT Jul 171630 Mar 1718
REBER, Elias M.
REBER, Eliza22 Jan 180512 Sep 1824
REBER, Eliza31 Jan 182127 Jun 1892
REBER, Eliza
REBER, Eliza T.27 Aug 185027 Mar 1867
REBER, Elizabeh27 Nov 182119 Oct 1823
REBER, Elizabeth27 Oct 186924 Feb 1881
REBER, Elizabeth
REBER, Elizabeth2 Feb 1866
REBER, Elizabeth25 Dec 178329 Apr 1857
REBER, Elizabeth12 Apr 179524 Jan 1875
REBER, Elizabeth2 Jan 180423 Sep 1890
REBER, Elizabeth
REBER, Elizabeth Langley24 Jun 1887
REBER, Ella A.
REBER, Ella Nora
REBER, Ellen28 Nov 183711 Feb 1841
REBER, Ellen H.
REBER, Ellen Lucille23 Aug 1938
REBER, Elsie M.
REBER, Emma3 Sep 1863
REBER, Emma A.
REBER, Emma Catharine1858
REBER, Emma Dell4 Jun 1892
REBER, Emma Frances2 Nov 184824 Oct 1854
REBER, Emma Frances1863
REBER, Emma J.1865
REBER, Emma M.
REBER, Emma R.5 May 1856
REBER, Ernest
REBER, Ernest
REBER, Estella M.
REBER, Estella Mary1878
REBER, Esther
REBER, Ethel Agnes
REBER, Ethel Frances
REBER, Eugene6 Dec 186315 Sep 1897
REBER, Eugene Hamilton2 Jun 1876
REBER, Eugene Huston28 Aug 1843
REBER, Eulalia
REBER, Euslance Eugene6 Mar 1881
REBER, Eva Anna
REBER, Eva Belle
REBER, Eva Elizabeth15 May 186425 Mar 1865
REBER, Fannie
REBER, Felix4 May 183111 Mar 1887
REBER, Fietta
REBER, Florence
REBER, Florence Esther
REBER, Florence Lelian
REBER, Florence MayCHILD
REBER, Floyd
REBER, Forest Lumon1896
REBER, Frances Edna8 Jun 1878
REBER, Francis Buck4 May 1872
REBER, Francis Oscar6 MAR 186814 AUG 1915
REBER, Frank23 Feb 1861
REBER, Frank12 Jan 1861
REBER, Frank Otis9 Jul 187321 Aug 1892
REBER, Franklin Madison
REBER, Frederic
REBER, FrederickABT 1760AFT 1783
REBER, Frederick Daniel1875
REBER, George
REBER, George
REBER, George18 May 180717 May 1875
REBER, George18 Oct 185624 Jul 1899
REBER, George
REBER, George Albert25 Sep 18736 Dec 1951
REBER, George Butler16 Jul 1882
REBER, George Calvin2 Jun 1858
REBER, George Earl1880
REBER, George Franklin4 Nov 1873
REBER, George Leroy22 FEB 1900UNKNOWN
REBER, Gertrude
REBER, Gladys M.3 Nov 1890
REBER, Glen (Gleen)
REBER, Grace
REBER, Grace
REBER, Gregory Gene29 Oct 1962
REBER, Hannah
REBER, Hannah11 Dec 185028 Mar 1851
REBER, Hannah Elizabeth

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