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135 Individuals with the RAPIER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RAPIER, A. E.1855
RAPIER, Agnes14 FEB 184518 OCT 1863
RAPIER, AgnesNOV 18661940
RAPIER, Ann178010 JUL 1846
RAPIER, Ann178010 JUL 1846
RAPIER, Ann "Nancy"26 JUL 182321 NOV 1855
RAPIER, Ann Diana17421811
RAPIER, Anna Catherine "Kate"1846
RAPIER, Aquilla
RAPIER, Ary Ann5 JUL 1831
RAPIER, Ary FrancesJUL 183616 OCT 1876
RAPIER, Catherine "Kitty" E.7 JUN 18249 JAN 1875
RAPIER, Catherine Philomena1871MAY 1965
RAPIER, Charles10 AUG 178526 JUL 1858
RAPIER, Charles1954
RAPIER, Charles10 AUG 178526 JUL 1858
RAPIER, Charles Francis18581976
RAPIER, Charles H.29 MAR 1845
RAPIER, Charles H.1854
RAPIER, Charles Richard1840
RAPIER, Charles Thomas19 JUL 1853
RAPIER, Charles W.7 JAN 1819
RAPIER, CharlotteFEB 1859
RAPIER, Edward "Ned" Saturnine29 NOV 18402 MAY 1867
RAPIER, Elizabeth19 AUG 180624 APR 1880
RAPIER, Elizabeth17841853
RAPIER, Elizabeth17841853
RAPIER, Felix9 FEB 180313 SEP 1805
RAPIER, Fonderosa Boone18 APR 1850
RAPIER, Francis Edward6 APR 1851
RAPIER, Francis Xavier18 JUL 1862
RAPIER, FrederickBEF. 1860
RAPIER, Frederick Gwynn15 OCT 18131884
RAPIER, Fredrick
RAPIER, George Edwin26 DEC 1852
RAPIER, George Nicholas18611937
RAPIER, George Senac22 APR 1852
RAPIER, George Thomas11 DEC 184717 MAY 1851
RAPIER, Harriet Eliza18 NOV 18591 JUL 1860
RAPIER, Henry18361859
RAPIER, Henry Joseph29 JUL 18871952
RAPIER, Hilary J.13 AUG 1814
RAPIER, James8 NOV 1786AUG 1845
RAPIER, James2 JAN 1845
RAPIER, James8 NOV 1786AUG 1845
RAPIER, James E.13 SEP 1852
RAPIER, James Gibbons18861926
RAPIER, James Louis22 JAN 1875
RAPIER, James Riley6 JAN 1880
RAPIER, James T.18371883
RAPIER, John1637BEF. 31 MAR 1688
RAPIER, John Bernard18781931
RAPIER, John Green1885BEF. 1900
RAPIER, John H.ABT. 1790
RAPIER, John Lawrence15 JUN 18421905
RAPIER, Joseph1841
RAPIER, Joseph Dolor18731899
RAPIER, Joseph William Cox2 AUG 1864
RAPIER, Julia Ann6 JUN 18277 MAY 1888
RAPIER, Julia Ann6 JUN 18277 MAY 1888
RAPIER, Katherine Corinne17 SEP 1978
RAPIER, Lawrence Joseph12 FEB 1850
RAPIER, Leo Augustus1889BEF. 1900
RAPIER, Margaret13 DEC 18082 JUL 1851
RAPIER, Margaret17822 JUL 1857
RAPIER, Margaret17822 JUL 1857
RAPIER, Margaret
RAPIER, Margaret Elizabeth18631904
RAPIER, Margaret Ellen5 APR 185210 OCT 1853
RAPIER, Mary2 JUL 177730 JAN 1838
RAPIER, Mary1746
RAPIER, Mary21 JUL 177730 JAN 1836
RAPIER, Mary Aloysia15 MAY 1850
RAPIER, Mary Ann21 FEB 18496 AUG 1849
RAPIER, Mary Ann "Polly"2 APR 179928 SEP 1873
RAPIER, Mary Ellen12 APR 1843
RAPIER, Mary Ellen18671890
RAPIER, Mary Ersola30 NOV 181515 SEP 1889
RAPIER, Mary Frances
RAPIER, Mary LouiseFEB 1851
RAPIER, Mary Louise "Aurelia"14 FEB 183928 OCT 1862
RAPIER, Mary Regina1882
RAPIER, Nancy23 APR 180724 SEP 1822
RAPIER, Nathan David8 MAR 1985
RAPIER, Nicholas A.2 APR 18211890
RAPIER, Nichole Lynn14 JAN 1981
RAPIER, Paul Edward28 AUG 1875
RAPIER, Priscilla1 MAR 1838
RAPIER, Reginald "Rex" George1880
RAPIER, Richard17731826
RAPIER, Richard7 FEB 1812
RAPIER, RichardDEC 1839
RAPIER, Richard1773
RAPIER, Richard1752
RAPIER, Richard G.18311895
RAPIER, Richard I
RAPIER, Richard II1752
RAPIER, Richard III17371759
RAPIER, Richard James2 JUN 181130 AUG 1858
RAPIER, Richard James174412 DEC 1817
RAPIER, Richard James11 JUN 179726 JUL 1803
RAPIER, Richard James17441810
RAPIER, Richard James
RAPIER, Ricky Del21 JUN 1957
RAPIER, Robert L.
RAPIER, Rose Evelyn22 FEB 1845
RAPIER, Ruth Bell30 OCT 1856
RAPIER, Sarah1735BEF. 1771
RAPIER, Susan Ann26 OCT 1846
RAPIER, Susannah "Susan"17 JAN 181610 JUL 1876
RAPIER, Sylvester25 APR 1847
RAPIER, Teresa10 MAY 18014 SEP 1805
RAPIER, Teresa6 OCT 1809
RAPIER, Thomas Gwynn9 FEB 180512 FEB 1855
RAPIER, Thomas Gwynn19 AUG 1847
RAPIER, Thomas Gwynn1 JAN 18438 APR 1843
RAPIER, Timon Thomas9 MAY 184410 JAN 1845
RAPIER, William2 AUG 17751 MAY 1864
RAPIER, William17401795
RAPIER, William2 AUG 17751 MAY 1864
RAPIER, William
RAPIER, William "Abe"
RAPIER, William AlexanderJAN 1839JAN 1839
RAPIER, William B.6 JAN 1841
RAPIER, William Frederick1869
RAPIER, William H.22 SEP 184922 JAN 1887
RAPIER, William J.20 APR 181828 NOV 1862
RAPIER, William J.5 APR 18525 APR 1852
RAPIER, ?1733BEF. 1752

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