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80 Individuals with the RAES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
RAES, Aegidius4 APR 169522 JUN 1773
RAES, Alexandra Constantia1745
RAES, Ambrosius
RAES, Andreas26 JAN 1687
RAES, Andreas
RAES, Anna3 OCT 17624 AUG 1835
RAES, Anna Catharina17761846
RAES, Anna Catharina17291754
RAES, Anna MariaABT 11 OCT 1728ABT 1805
RAES, AntoniusBEF 1866
RAES, Antonius18141901
RAES, Barbara Thérésia
RAES, Catharina18 DEC 16901695
RAES, Catharina
RAES, Clara AnnaABT 20 MAY 1735
RAES, Clemens
RAES, CorneliaABT 24 OCT 171025 MAR 1756
RAES, Egidius22 MAR 1672
RAES, Elisabeth11 MAR 17031762
RAES, Elisabeth
RAES, Elisabeth
RAES, Emmanuel1731BET 1794 AND 1804
RAES, Emmanuel12 JUL 16901731
RAES, Eugenius17351803
RAES, Francisca JoannaABT 1791/179910 MAY 1866
RAES, Frans17781837
RAES, Guilielmus16961770
RAES, Hendrik Corinus30 MAR 17391792
RAES, Ignatius
RAES, Ignatius11 OCT 18052 JUN 1873
RAES, Ignatius JoannesABT 2 JUL 1741
RAES, Ignatius Joannes1771
RAES, Ivo14 MAY 1782
RAES, Jacobus1667
RAES, Jacobus13 DEC 17291730
RAES, JanBEF 1538
RAES, Jan Augustijn17 AUG 17631842
RAES, Jan Augustijn21 DEC 17691840
RAES, Jan Baptist17721773
RAES, Jan Baptist
RAES, Jan Baptist1749
RAES, Jan Baptist PieterABT 17221782
RAES, Jean Baptist1681
RAES, Joanna18 DEC 1690
RAES, Joanna Thérésia16 NOV 17581759
RAES, Joannes27 APR 16651723
RAES, Joannes6 JAN 16939 DEC 1758
RAES, Joannes BaptistaABT 13 NOV 1730
RAES, Joannes BaptistaABT 15 NOV 17321808
RAES, Joannes Baptiste7 APR 177524 JUL 1832
RAES, Jozef Bernard23 NOV 173115 MAY 1806
RAES, Judoca17051771
RAES, Ludovica Coleta17741774
RAES, Maria Anna
RAES, Maria Catharina2 FEB 17011759
RAES, Maria Clara1726
RAES, Maria ElisabethBEF 1837
RAES, Maria Jacoba4 MAY 173420 NOV 1741
RAES, Maria Joanna14 AUG 1742
RAES, Maria Theresia17741774
RAES, Michaël17 JAN 16961715
RAES, Michael17331804
RAES, Michael
RAES, Petrus JacobusABT 22 MAY 172628 JUN 1788
RAES, Petrus Jozef17281775
RAES, Philip Jozef1773
RAES, Pieter16611712
RAES, Pieter18 JUL 17009 JAN 1779
RAES, Pieter Jacobus17241798
RAES, Pieter Jacobus30 JAN 176518 MAR 1815
RAES, Pieter Jacobus17 JUN 17681834
RAES, Pieter Jacobus13 AUG 18031872
RAES, Pieter Jacobus20 NOV 1727
RAES, Seraphina
RAES, Theresia14 JAN 17798 FEB 1845
RAES, Theresia ColetaABT 176728 MAY 1853
RAES, Thomas Jacobus2 JAN 173710 AUG 1811
RAES, Victoria Genoveva23 NOV 1736
RAES, Wilhelmina19 DEC 1662

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