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580 Individuals with the ROSSI Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
ROSSI, Agnese Teresa31 DEC 1776DEAD
ROSSI, Agostino16 SEP 18487 OCT 1857
ROSSI, Albina
ROSSI, Albina
ROSSI, Albina Elisa
ROSSI, Albino7 DEC 184716 JUN 1914
ROSSI, Alcira
ROSSI, Alessandro15 SEP 1827DEAD
ROSSI, Alexandrina14 MAR 1813UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Alfonso Carlo20 FEB 185518 FEB 1856
ROSSI, Alma Virginia
ROSSI, Amabile12 APR 1888DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea8 AUG 1774DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea20 SEP 1777DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea7 FEB 178218 SEP 1847
ROSSI, Andrea30 NOV 1855DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea21 JUL 1830DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea De Rubeis19 SEP 166411 FEB 1704
ROSSI, Andrea De Rubeis1623DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea De Rubeis16473 JAN 1676
ROSSI, Andrea De Rubeis19 DEC 1709DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea Eliseo18 SEP 1877DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea Gottardo13 APR 1821DEAD
ROSSI, Andrea Rosana
ROSSI, Angela Anna Maria14 JAN 1820DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Caterina De Rubeis24 OCT 1763DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria4 JUL 1771DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria25 OCT 1780DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria18 OCT 17823 MAR 1858
ROSSI, Angela Maria25 AUG 1782DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria17 AUG 1818DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria27 MAR 18589 AUG 1858
ROSSI, Angela Maria De Rubeis2 OCT 1728DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria De Rubeis1 NOV 1743DEAD
ROSSI, Angela Maria Nimfa10 NOV 184921 SEP 1852
ROSSI, Angelo Andrea2 OCT 18348 NOV 1874
ROSSI, Angelo Antonio29 SEP 1845UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Ann Janelle
ROSSI, Anna Crocefissa17 JUN 188812 MAR 1946
ROSSI, Anna Maria20 MAR 1770DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria3 SEP 1772DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria3 MAR 1787DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria17 FEB 1778DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria3 JUL 18063 JAN 1876
ROSSI, Anna Maria25 JUL 1881DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria (Marianna)28 JUL 1831DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis24 APR 1684DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis4 NOV 1654DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis2 SEP 1662DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis16 SEP 1726DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis31 AUG 1740DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria De Rubeis20 DEC 1730DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Maria Immacolata25 SEP 1819DEAD
ROSSI, Anna Vincenza31 OCT 18555 AUG 1857
ROSSI, Anna Vincenza5 AUG 18579 OCT 1862
ROSSI, Antonia11 JUN 185612 AUG 1856
ROSSI, Antonia30 OCT 1854UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Antonia Luigia29 MAR 190531 MAR 1905
ROSSI, Antonio30 DEC 18831969
ROSSI, Antonio25 FEB 1841DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio De Rubeis1622DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio De Rubeis1551DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio De Rubeis26 DEC 1655DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio De Rubeis1620DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio De Rubeis12 JUN 1737DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Domenico De Rubeis20 APR 1682DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Domenico De Rubeis2 MAR 1754DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis23 SEP 1722DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis4 FEB 1747DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis23 NOV 1658DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis16 NOV 1662DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis10 MAR 1719DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis12 MAY 1728DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Maria De Rubeis28 DEC 1722DEAD
ROSSI, Antonio Silvestro17 JAN 1849DEAD
ROSSI, Apollonia Caterina14 SEP 1874DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo22 DEC 1800DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo29 JUL 1784DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo25 JUN 18036 JUL 1864
ROSSI, Bartolomeo13 AUG 1811DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo15 OCT 1813JAN 1843
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Carlo Giulio31 OCT 187924 SEP 1880
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis15 SEP 1711DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis162624 JUL 1672
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis1592DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De RubeisABT 15001617
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis1644DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis6 JUL 168524 JUN 1703
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis6 APR 1691DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis10 DEC 1720DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis17 SEP 1744DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo De Rubeis8 JUN 1751DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Faustino15 FEB 1791DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Filippo28 SEP 1783DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Gaudenzio23 OCT 1808DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Generoso13 JAN 1807DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Giuseppe Maria19 MAR 1868DEAD
ROSSI, Bartolomeo Luigi23 NOV 1883DEAD
ROSSI, Battista30 MAY 185930 MAY 1888
ROSSI, Benvenuta Adelina
ROSSI, Bernardina De Rubeis11 DEC 1657DEAD
ROSSI, Bernardina De RubeisABT 1656DEAD
ROSSI, Bernardina De Rubeis12 JAN 16591 FEB 1695
ROSSI, Bernardino Simone Celso28 JUL 1894DEAD
ROSSI, Carlo3 NOV 18614 AUG 1919
ROSSI, Carlo
ROSSI, Carlo
ROSSI, Carlo
ROSSI, Carlo Amedeo9 JAN 18366 FEB 1917
ROSSI, Carlo Bartolomeo De Rubeis4 NOV 1716DEAD
ROSSI, Carlo De Rubeis10 DEC 1720DEAD
ROSSI, Carlo Emidio29 JAN 181016 MAY 1814
ROSSI, Carlo Luigi3 SEP 189028 FEB 1906
ROSSI, Carlo Maria5 DEC 182230 OCT 1869
ROSSI, Carlo Vincenzo Antonio11 JAN 181116 MAY 1812
ROSSI, Carmelina Fiorenza9 DEC 1885DEAD
ROSSI, CarolinaPrivate
ROSSI, Carolina2 MAR 1834DEAD
ROSSI, Carolina16 JUL 1890DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina17 JUN 165512 APR 1710
ROSSI, Caterina19 NOV 1789DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina13 MAR 1886DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina1 NOV 1895DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina Alfonsa19 NOV 1894DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis28 MAY 1725DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis20 APR 1742DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis1 FEB 1724DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis26 APR 1722DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis20 DEC 1713DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis20 SEP 16567 APR 1708
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis20 SEP 1655ABT 1655
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis30 MAY 1736DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis30 DEC 1668DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina De Rubeis5 JUN 1769DEAD
ROSSI, Caterina Elisabetta Lidia
ROSSI, Caterina Ermenegilda11 APR 18788 JUN 1924
ROSSI, Caterina Maddalena31 DEC 1783DEAD
ROSSI, Cesare Luigi16 MAR 1823DEAD
ROSSI, Cesarina14 MAR 1889DEAD
ROSSI, Cesarina Maria30 SEP 1885DEAD
ROSSI, CharlesABT 1945
ROSSI, Christopher Craig18 DEC 1968
ROSSI, Clorinda MariaUNKNOWN
ROSSI, Cristina De Rubeis4 MAR 1749DEAD
ROSSI, Cristina DomenicaABT 1834UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Daniele
ROSSI, Daniele Antonio4 NOV 18831 FEB 1893
ROSSI, De Rubeis22 MAY 1749DEAD
ROSSI, Defendente2 JAN 183827 APR 1909
ROSSI, Defendente Luigi
ROSSI, Dionigi23 DEC 1883DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Antonia RosariaUNKNOWN
ROSSI, Domenica De Rubeis25 AUG 1760DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica De Rubeis16269 AUG 1710
ROSSI, Domenica De Rubeis1657DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica De Rubeis1598DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica De Rubeis14 MAR 1733DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Guglielma De Rubeis15 APR 1731DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Margherita De Rubeis22 JAN 1747DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria15 JUN 1788DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria14 OCT 1792DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria De Rubeis26 SEP 1768DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria De Rubeis22 MAR 1741DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria De Rubeis28 FEB 1693DEAD
ROSSI, Domenica Maria Teresa7 NOV 1878DEAD
ROSSI, DomenicantonioUNKNOWN
ROSSI, DomenicantonioUNKNOWN
ROSSI, DomenicantonioUNKNOWN
ROSSI, DomenicantonioUNKNOWN
ROSSI, Domenico28 JUN 1857UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Eglia
ROSSI, Elisa Caterina13 JUL 187328 JUL 1876
ROSSI, Elisa Petronilla1 OCT 1898DEAD
ROSSI, Elisabetta Maria1 OCT 19087 APR 1927
ROSSI, ElisandrinaABT 1813UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Ellia
ROSSI, Emilia20 JUN 1875DEAD
ROSSI, Enrico Bernardino
ROSSI, Ercole25 NOV 19214 MAR 1996
ROSSI, ErmenegildaDEAD
ROSSI, Ernestina
ROSSI, Ernesto
ROSSI, Ersilia
ROSSI, Federico Antonio26 NOV 185127 NOV 1851
ROSSI, Felice Stanislao9 JUL 1880DEAD
ROSSI, Ferbilliano20 OCT 185620 OCT 1856
ROSSI, Fermo9 AUG 1895DEAD
ROSSI, Filippo3 NOV 18706 JAN 1871
ROSSI, Filomena18 OCT 1848UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Filomena28 AUG 18397 OCT 1901
ROSSI, Filomena Ermenegilda26 SEP 1856DEAD
ROSSI, Forturato21 MAY 185924 MAY 1859
ROSSI, Francesca19 APR 1851UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Francesco10 DEC 1851UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Francesco AntonioABT 1816UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Francesco Antonio21 JUL 1830DEAD
ROSSI, Francesco Antonio De Rubeis14 FEB 1732DEAD
ROSSI, Francesco Bartolomeo De Rubeis24 AUG 1751DEAD
ROSSI, Francesco De Rubeis10 DEC 1655DEAD
ROSSI, Francesco Silvestro31 DEC 17693 JAN 1848
ROSSI, Franz of30 SEP 1854
ROSSI, Geronima10 AUG 1833DEAD
ROSSI, GiacomoABT 1789DEAD
ROSSI, Giacomo Antonio26 JUL 1790DEAD
ROSSI, Giosue26 SEP 1900DEAD
ROSSI, Giosue9 MAY 187123 JUL 1882
ROSSI, Giovanna Margherita De Rubeis16 APR 1745DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanna Margherita De Rubeis27 DEC 1712DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni26 SEP 181913 JUL 1880
ROSSI, Giovanni8 JAN 1865UNKNOWN
ROSSI, Giovanni15 JUN 1895DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni23 JAN 189218 MAR 1912
ROSSI, Giovanni
ROSSI, Giovanni Andrea14 NOV 1784DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Andrea Bartolomeo23 SEP 1814DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Andrea De Rubeis1 NOV 1718DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Andrea De Rubeis5 SEP 169011 MAY 1697
ROSSI, Giovanni Andrea De Rubeis21 NOV 1726DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Antonio18 FEB 1776DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista6 FEB 18636 AUG 1863
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista30 OCT 18673 MAY 1892
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista14 OCT 184210 OCT 1893
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista25 NOV 1772DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni BattistaDEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista29 DEC 1827DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista31 JAN 1770DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista11 NOV 1805DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista De Rubeis1696DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista De Rubeis27 JUN 1752DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista De Rubeis27 FEB 1723DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni Battista De Rubeis2 NOV 1724DEAD
ROSSI, Giovanni De Rubeis31 AUG 1740DEAD

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