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24 Individuals with the QUENTAL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
QUENTAL, Antâonia1 May 1709
QUENTAL, Antâonia1 MAY 1709
QUENTAL, Antâonio deApr 1671BEF 15 Sep 1713
QUENTAL, Antâonio deAPR 1671BEF 15 SEP 1713
QUENTAL, Francisco Figueira deApr 1702
QUENTAL, Francisco Figueira deAPR 1702
QUENTAL, Luzia doEST 1624
QUENTAL, Luzia do1629
QUENTAL, Luzia do1629
QUENTAL, Manuel17 Feb 1684
QUENTAL, Manuel16 Jan 1748
QUENTAL, Manuel16 JAN 1748
QUENTAL, Manuel17 FEB 1684
QUENTAL, Manuel Figueira deApr 1717
QUENTAL, Manuel Figueira deAPR 1717
QUENTAL, Maria Figueira deAPR 1688
QUENTAL, Maria Figueira deApr 1688
QUENTAL, Maria Magdalena deEST 1763
QUENTAL, Mariana11 NOV 1686
QUENTAL, Mariana11 Nov 1686
QUENTAL, Sebastiäao Rodrigues deAPR 1667
QUENTAL, Sebastiäao Rodrigues deApr 1667
QUENTAL, Thomas Figueira deAPR 1689
QUENTAL, Thomas Figueira deApr 1689

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