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18 Individuals with the NOWALK Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOWALK, Charlene Gay23 FEB 1959
NOWALK, Clarence Edward21 APR 1914
NOWALK, Daniel Eugene18 APR 1965
NOWALK, David Carroll25 DEC 1950
NOWALK, Dennis Edward8 JAN 1945
NOWALK, Douglas David27 DEC 1969
NOWALK, Grant Edward16 FEB 1986
NOWALK, Helen Louise25 NOV 190610 FEB 1977
NOWALK, Janet Lucille9 JUL 1943
NOWALK, Jeffery Scott8 NOV 1962
NOWALK, Joanne Faye27 MAY 1937
NOWALK, Kevin Allen2 APR 1971
NOWALK, Kristin Grace10 AUG 1983
NOWALK, Lauren Elizabeth1 AUG 1984
NOWALK, Melissa Ann24 MAY 1979
NOWALK, Nancy Lou15 JAN 1940
NOWALK, Robert Eugene26 OCT 1938

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