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20 Individuals with the NIELS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NIELS, Adrianus6 SEP 1680
NIELS, Barbara13 AUG 1679
NIELS, Bernardus Philippus20 AUG 180927 OCT 1809
NIELS, Carolus Philippus19 NOV 18137 AUG 1863
NIELS, Catharina8 FEB 178627 JUL 1817
NIELS, Christensen30 Oct 1768
NIELS, Elisabeth Josephina8 SEP 180815 SEP 1808
NIELS, Francisca23 JUN 1686
NIELS, Isabella Antonia1 JAN 181917 MAR 1887
NIELS, Jan Baptist23 APR 1798
NIELS, Joanna Maria3 NOV 1689
NIELS, Joannes8 JUL 1690
NIELS, Joannes Baptist27 DEC 177117 JAN 1825
NIELS, Josephus Marcellinus2 JUN 1811
NIELS, Josine
NIELS, Ludovica19 JUL 1881AFT 1919
NIELS, Maria AnnaBEF 1799
NIELS, Marie Catherine27 NOV 182711 MAR 1862
NIELS, PetronellaABT 17251 SEP 1771
NIELS, RodABT 164028 APR 1700

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