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76 Individuals with the NOURSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOURSE, Allen10 APR 178810 AUG 1870
NOURSE, Allen Candee11 Jan 18489 Sep 1861
NOURSE, Alonzo24 Jul 1822
NOURSE, Amanda Milvina11 MAR 1855
NOURSE, Amie15 MAR 1796SEP 1796
NOURSE, AnnaBET. 1868 - 1869
NOURSE, Anna28 AUG 17984 SEP 1886
NOURSE, Anna Jane23 MAR 1858
NOURSE, Artimezia12 DEC 1852
NOURSE, Benjamin
NOURSE, Benjamin
NOURSE, Beverly Allison26 JUL 1986
NOURSE, Charles Alonzo11 Nov 1848
NOURSE, Charles Joseph15 DEC 185423 JUL 1880
NOURSE, Charles Joseph15 DEC 185423 JUL 1880
NOURSE, Clara E.27 APR 1888
NOURSE, Clara E.27 APR 1888
NOURSE, Daniel9 DEC 17797 JAN 1865
NOURSE, Daniel
NOURSE, Daniel
NOURSE, David19 APR 178118 AUG 1860
NOURSE, Edith20 SEP 180219 NOV 1808
NOURSE, Edwin Green13 Feb 1849
NOURSE, Elisha4 SEP 18276 JUN 1888
NOURSE, Eliza16 AUG 18049 FEB 1805
NOURSE, ElizabethABT 1716
NOURSE, Elizabeth Green
NOURSE, Esther W.
NOURSE, Eunice2 APR 177317 FEB 1851
NOURSE, Francis1 SEP 18075 JUL 1827
NOURSE, Francis11 DEC 176820 APR 1808
NOURSE, Frank Alonzo28 Jun 1851
NOURSE, Gilbert
NOURSE, Harriet18 FEB 180019 AUG 1862
NOURSE, Horatio Gates26 Mar 1825
NOURSE, Jeremiah26 NOV 177721 JAN 1857
NOURSE, Jonathan
NOURSE, Joseph E.
NOURSE, Joseph E.
NOURSE, Joseph Leigh
NOURSE, Joseph Leigh , Jr.15 Jan 1917
NOURSE, Lydia6 JUN 178316 OCT 1874
NOURSE, MaryBET. 1862 - 1863
NOURSE, Mary Ella2 Apr 1854
NOURSE, Mary Frances4 Jul 1850
NOURSE, Mercy (Marcy,Mary)
NOURSE, Mercy (Marcy,Mary)
NOURSE, Nathan Willis1 OCT 18218 DEC 1921
NOURSE, Peter27 MAY 177516 MAY 1859
NOURSE, Peter10 OCT 177425 MAR 1840
NOURSE, Phebe1 SEP 180724 MAR 1879
NOURSE, Phebe16 NOV 17845 JAN 1864
NOURSE, Phebe AnnNOV 1849
NOURSE, Phillip13 SEP 177112 MAY 1857
NOURSE, Samuel1 JUN 176714 MAY 1860
NOURSE, Samuel25 DEC 179413 JUL 1795
NOURSE, Samuel
NOURSE, Samuel
NOURSE, Sarah5 JAN 1866
NOURSE, Sarah Elizabeth15 AUG 186422 JUN 1949
NOURSE, Sarah Jane1818
NOURSE, Susie1 Aug 1859
NOURSE, Theodore David7 DEC 1954
NOURSE, Tiffani Marie
NOURSE, Warren
NOURSE, William Albert9 Feb 1820
NOURSE, William L.MAR 1860
NOURSE, William M.15 Dec 1848
NOURSE, Ziba T.24 MAR 1856

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