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23 Individuals with the NOREYS Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NOREYS, Cuthbert15511621
NOREYS, Edmund15561609
NOREYS, GeoffreyABT 1370
NOREYS, GeoffreyBEF 1361AFT 1382
NOREYS, GeoffreyABT 1340
NOREYS, GeoffreyABT 14001464
NOREYS, GeoffreyABT 1495
NOREYS, Geoffrey IIABT 1370
NOREYS, Geoffrey IIIBET 1459 AND 14631464
NOREYS, Geoffrey IV1490
NOREYS, Geoffrey VABT 1585AFT 1609
NOREYS, JohnABT 1430
NOREYS, John14441504
NOREYS, John IIIBET 1409 AND 1438
NOREYS, Mrs. GeoffreyABT 1497
NOREYS, Mrs. GeoffreyABT 1345
NOREYS, Mrs. GeoffreyABT 1375
NOREYS, Mrs. JohnABT 1435
NOREYS, Mrs. RobertABT 1465
NOREYS, RobertABT 1460
NOREYS, Robert1460
NOREYS, Thomas15491604

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