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18 Individuals with the NIEMEYER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NIEMEYER, Alma23 APR 186822 FEB 1906
NIEMEYER, Anna Judith
NIEMEYER, Beverly Deane4 FEB 192511 NOV 1946
NIEMEYER, Charles Haskell
NIEMEYER, Dorothy E.
NIEMEYER, Frieda7 SEP 187717 DEC 1935
NIEMEYER, Jack Leroy4 OCT 1921
NIEMEYER, Jaclynn Diane17 OCT 1957
NIEMEYER, Johann JustWFT Est. 1712-1741WFT Est. 1766-1826
NIEMEYER, John Robert6 JUL 1961
NIEMEYER, Margarethe Elisabeth20 Mar 176316 May 1837
NIEMEYER, Marie Christine
NIEMEYER, Maxine Edith16 JAN 19209 APR 1998
NIEMEYER, Patricia
NIEMEYER, Thomas Leroy6 JUL 1959
NIEMEYER, William A.

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