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52 Individuals with the NEHER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
NEHER, (Infant)ABT. 1838ABT. 1838
NEHER, Adam12 FEB 182819 APR 1904
NEHER, AnnaABT. 1820
NEHER, Anna D.21 DEC 188212 AUG 1924
NEHER, Catherine
NEHER, Catherine15 OCT 182410 DEC 1853
NEHER, Catherine16 OCT 180516 JUN 1872
NEHER, Daniel D.22 MAR 182614 DEC 1912
NEHER, David Studebaker25 OCT 185814 OCT 1941
NEHER, Eliza (Lizzie)24 NOV 18543 SEP 1865
NEHER, ElizabethABT. 1795AFT. 1850
NEHER, Elizabeth27 JAN 18578 AUG 1903
NEHER, Emma Catherina12 AUG 18644 APR 1898
NEHER, Georg
NEHER, Harvey A.3 MAR 188731 JUL 1950
NEHER, Henry30 MAR 17977 MAR 1855
NEHER, Henry3 JUL 185119 JUN 1889
NEHER, Henry
NEHER, Howard F.2 APR 188929 AUG 1909
NEHER, JacobABT. 1807
NEHER, Jacob
NEHER, Jacob F.12 APR 183014 MAR 1912
NEHER, JergABT 164820 SEP 1719
NEHER, Johann MartinBEF 1798
NEHER, John8 Mar 1870
NEHER, John4 MAY 182212 MAY 1913
NEHER, John4-MAY-182212-MAY-1913
NEHER, John4 MAY 182212 MAY 1913
NEHER, John17711837
NEHER, John9 DEC 179211 AUG 1846
NEHER, Josef
NEHER, Living
NEHER, Living
NEHER, Living
NEHER, Maria13 JAN 168425 MAR 1739
NEHER, Maria30 Apr 18923 May 1977
NEHER, Mary1804
NEHER, Mary22 JAN 1822
NEHER, Michael10 NOV 184622 JUL 1895
NEHER, Noah Garst7 JUN 184922 JUN 1911
NEHER, Paul28 JAN 181217 AUG 1872
NEHER, Samuel3 AUG 181016 MAR 1895
NEHER, Samuel F.28 DEC 183513 NOV 1922
NEHER, Sarah
NEHER, Susan7 JUL 185123 AUG 1936
NEHER, Susanna23 MAY 180026 JUN 1850
NEHER, Susanna
NEHER, Ursula
NEHER, Zacharias6 Nov 1959

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