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43 Individuals with the MOSBY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MOSBY, Agnes1768
MOSBY, Agnes17471774
MOSBY, Agnes Martha1768
MOSBY, CharlesABT 1886
MOSBY, CharlesABT 1915
MOSBY, Charles1751
MOSBY, Daniel17371796
MOSBY, Edward
MOSBY, Edward173825 SEP 1769
MOSBY, EdwardABT 1736
MOSBY, Elizabeth Bacon1739
MOSBY, George Walton1756
MOSBY, Gordon1901
MOSBY, Herbert20 Jul 1934
MOSBY, Hezekiah12 JAN 17601849
MOSBY, Hezekiah170220 DEC 1787
MOSBY, Jacob "Jake"ABT 1907___ _ 1968
MOSBY, JerryABT 1911
MOSBY, Joanne6 MAY 1929
MOSBY, Langston
MOSBY, Living
MOSBY, Marceline1926
MOSBY, Marceline1926
MOSBY, MargaretPrivate
MOSBY, Marlene3 JAN 1933
MOSBY, Martha "Patty"1757
MOSBY, Mary1741
MOSBY, Mary1762
MOSBY, MatildaABT 1913
MOSBY, Nicholas13 MAR 174222 FEB 1816
MOSBY, Nina Marie
MOSBY, RobertABT 1909
MOSBY, Robert8 Oct 1899
MOSBY, Robert D.18601940
MOSBY, Roberta Kay24 MAR 1935
MOSBY, Samuel1743
MOSBY, Sarah1745
MOSBY, Susanna
MOSBY, Susanne1739
MOSBY, Thomas1766

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