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155 Individuals with the MCVEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MCVEY, Alice Cranston23 FEB 188623 MAY 1955
MCVEY, Allen David7 MAR 1943
MCVEY, Amanda
MCVEY, Amanda Marie7 FEB 1984
MCVEY, Andrew Dewar185820 JUN 1930
MCVEY, Andrew James19 FEB 188729 DEC 1955
MCVEY, Angela Marie9 AUG 1990
MCVEY, Angela Rae2 MAY 1983
MCVEY, Ann1830
MCVEY, Arthur Dean20 DEC 191220 DEC 1912
MCVEY, Barbara Alice7 Apr 1932
MCVEY, Bertha
MCVEY, Bertha
MCVEY, Beuhil Marie9 APR 190631 AUG 1916
MCVEY, Bradley Eugene31 DEC 1975
MCVEY, Bretha LouiseFEB 1920
MCVEY, Bruce W.1955
MCVEY, Bruce W.1955
MCVEY, Caitlin Anne23 JUN 1991
MCVEY, Cecil H.20 NOV 1911
MCVEY, CeciliaWFT EST. 1851-1873WFT EST. 1894-1960
MCVEY, Charles Arthur2 APR 1935
MCVEY, Charles Arthur2 APR 1935
MCVEY, Charles David19 OCT 1909ABT 1950
MCVEY, Christopher1 AUG 1996
MCVEY, Clarence Allen19 APR 190811 MAR 1986
MCVEY, Clarence Allen19 APR 190811 MAR 1986
MCVEY, Clarissa MaudOCT 189011 JUN 1964
MCVEY, Craig Allen17 JAN 1959
MCVEY, DanielABT 1839
MCVEY, David
MCVEY, David
MCVEY, David Leroy
MCVEY, David Wayne18 JAN 1968
MCVEY, Davida
MCVEY, Denise Rochele9 OCT 1970
MCVEY, Diane
MCVEY, Dorothy Gladys28 NOV 1913FEB 1982
MCVEY, Dovie Helen7 MAY 190127 JUL 1902
MCVEY, Edward Allen8 MAR 1961
MCVEY, Edward J.ABT 1903OCT 1953
MCVEY, Effie
MCVEY, Electra
MCVEY, Eli AllenAUG 1870AUG 1950
MCVEY, Eliza J.1841
MCVEY, Elizabeth1848
MCVEY, Elmer
MCVEY, Elsie
MCVEY, Ethel Lennie
MCVEY, Florrie20 JAN 189314 JUN 1969
MCVEY, Floyde Cleveland10 OCT 1918
MCVEY, George
MCVEY, Grace Rebeca
MCVEY, Hazel
MCVEY, Helen Marie25 MAY 1939
MCVEY, James
MCVEY, James Lewis
MCVEY, James Lewis1954
MCVEY, James Lewis
MCVEY, James Lewis1954
MCVEY, Janet Renee6 NOV 1962
MCVEY, Jeanette
MCVEY, Jeanette
MCVEY, Jesse
MCVEY, Jessie B1868
MCVEY, JoannaABT 1874
MCVEY, Joel Edward10 JUN 1992
MCVEY, John1846
MCVEY, John H.
MCVEY, John Keith30 APR 197029 NOV 1987
MCVEY, John Sands11 OCT 1936
MCVEY, John William30 APR 187322 JAN 1964
MCVEY, Joseph
MCVEY, Kasey Dawn18 NOV 1989
MCVEY, Kelly9 OCT 1984
MCVEY, Laura
MCVEY, Lavenia Adeline21 OCT 1841
MCVEY, Levi (Simon)ABT 184031 JUL 1891
MCVEY, Lillian Evelyn18 MAY 1916
MCVEY, Linda Joy10 APR 1963
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Living
MCVEY, Marc Allen17 JUL 1973
MCVEY, Margaret18111881
MCVEY, Margaret WandaPrivate
MCVEY, Marjorie Mae
MCVEY, Mary1838
MCVEY, Mary AgnesDEC 188518 SEP 1967
MCVEY, Mary Eileen26 JUN 1955
MCVEY, Mary Estella19 APR 190029 APR 1901
MCVEY, Meghan1 JUN 1984
MCVEY, Merrill Lewis23 MAR 19111996
MCVEY, Michelle Marie10 JUL 1968
MCVEY, Noble Leroy10 MAR 1921AUG 1975
MCVEY, Noreeta M.ABT 19091 JAN 1994
MCVEY, OliverWFT Est 1865-1885WFT Est 1899-1971
MCVEY, Orville T.28 MAR 1916
MCVEY, Oscar P.ABT 1917
MCVEY, Patricia Ann16 OCT 1957
MCVEY, Patrick James1943
MCVEY, Piety17821829
MCVEY, Piety17821829
MCVEY, Prudence
MCVEY, Rebecca
MCVEY, Rebecca
MCVEY, Robert Francis4 APR 1962
MCVEY, Robert Francis Jr.7 DEC 1986
MCVEY, Roni9 Jan
MCVEY, RosinaABT 186827 DEC 1935
MCVEY, Ryan19 OCT 1981
MCVEY, Scott Brackett1961
MCVEY, Scott Brackett1961
MCVEY, Sharon
MCVEY, Shelly
MCVEY, Stephen V.ABT. 1842WFT Est. 1861-1933
MCVEY, Steven RogerABT. 1957
MCVEY, Tamara Marie Kay24 SEP 1988
MCVEY, Thomas
MCVEY, Timothy1964
MCVEY, Timothy1964
MCVEY, Valerie Jean
MCVEY, Valerie Jean
MCVEY, Violia M.ABT 190610 JUN 1995
MCVEY, W.H.ABT. 1858
MCVEY, Walter IFEB 1901OCT 1964
MCVEY, Watt Jr.
MCVEY, William A.7 JUL 189821 AUG 1899
MCVEY, William Joseph
MCVEY, William Lewis27 JUL 190415 SEP 1948

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