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17 Individuals with the MEIKLEHAM Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
MEIKLEHAM, Alexander Primrose24 APR 1843OCT 1863
MEIKLEHAM, Annie MargaretABT 1831
MEIKLEHAM, Catherine30 JUL 1840WFT EST. 1841-1934
MEIKLEHAM, Christiana13 NOV 1844WFT EST. 1845-1938
MEIKLEHAM, David Scott180420 Nov 1849
MEIKLEHAM, Elizabeth31 AUG 1852WFT EST. 1853-1946
MEIKLEHAM, Ellen Wayles29 Aug 184622 Feb 1913
MEIKLEHAM, Esther Alice28 Dec 18436 Feb 1927
MEIKLEHAM, Helen Grant9 MAY 1838WFT EST. 1839-1932
MEIKLEHAM, James5 JAN 1837WFT EST. 1838-1927
MEIKLEHAM, Jane McOuat11 DEC 1833WFT EST. 1876-1928
MEIKLEHAM, JohnWFT EST. 1788-1821WFT EST. 1856-1906
MEIKLEHAM, John Primrose27 FEB 1835WFT EST. 1836-1925
MEIKLEHAM, Moses Bruce22 MAY 1847WFT EST. 1866-1938
MEIKLEHAM, Thomas Mann Randolph30 Dec 18407 Apr 1922
MEIKLEHAM, Willaim Primrose1 DEC 1854WFT EST. 1855-1944
MEIKLEHAM, William11 Dec 183927 Jul 1889

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