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27 Individuals with the KOCHEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KOCHEL, AliceABT 1891
KOCHEL, Bette Ann20 APR 194116 SEP 2000
KOCHEL, Bonnie J.20 OCT 194521 JAN 1999
KOCHEL, Chauncey R.11 SEP 1888JUL 1965
KOCHEL, Clarence W.ABT 19093 MAY 1967
KOCHEL, Irvin22 NOV 1953
KOCHEL, Irvin2 APR 1924
KOCHEL, Irvin22 Nov 1953
KOCHEL, Irvin2 Apr 1924
KOCHEL, Isreal 'Israel'
KOCHEL, Isreal 'Israel'
KOCHEL, JamesABT 189316 JUL 1968
KOCHEL, Jeffrey12 Oct 1949
KOCHEL, Jeffrey12 OCT 1949
KOCHEL, John Samuel8 JUL 1947
KOCHEL, Kenneth Lester31 OCT 192312 NOV 2001
KOCHEL, Nathan8 Feb 1979
KOCHEL, Nathan8 FEB 1979
KOCHEL, Patricia Jane3 May 1952
KOCHEL, Patricia Jane3 MAY 1952
KOCHEL, Reid3 AUG 1895MAR 1971
KOCHEL, Samuel J.ABT 1864
KOCHEL, Tracy20 Jun 1977
KOCHEL, Tracy20 JUN 1977
KOCHEL, William F

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