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87 Individuals with the KELL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KELL, Amanda1866
KELL, AnnABT 1819
KELL, AnnABT 1800
KELL, AnnABT 1818
KELL, B. ElmoreABOUT 1830
KELL, Benjamin Franklin20 SEP 18641 FEB 1953
KELL, Bobbie Louise7 JUL 1930
KELL, Caroline1855
KELL, Cyrena A.23 SEP 185711 SEP 1935
KELL, Daniel K.14 MAY 1949
KELL, David Gordon30 JUN 1958
KELL, David Gordon30 JUN 1958
KELL, Ellen1 OCT 190624 OCT 1986
KELL, Florence M.__ AUG 1888
KELL, Frank11 MAR 18816 MAY 1956
KELL, George1837
KELL, George E.ABT 1831
KELL, George Eccles1 SEP 1805
KELL, George Edward21 MAY 188626 JUL 1951
KELL, Harold Gordon1936
KELL, Harold Gordon1936
KELL, Harry J.__ JUL 18878 MAR 1903
KELL, IsabelABT 1825BEF 5 JAN 1880
KELL, Jacob P.ABT 1846
KELL, James
KELL, James E.ABT 1833
KELL, James M.ABT 1847
KELL, James N.ABT 1864
KELL, JohnABOUT 1812
KELL, John
KELL, John A.ABT 1849
KELL, John R.22 JUN 1946
KELL, Josiah A.ABT 1855
KELL, Josiah T.ABT 1849
KELL, Levi2 JUL 185131 MAY 1930
KELL, Louesia J.ABT 1833
KELL, LucindaABT 1822
KELL, Lucinda A.ABT 1850
KELL, Luella Jane29 MAR 1929
KELL, Luella Jane29 MAR 1929
KELL, Lula Vivian
KELL, Lusetta1844
KELL, Lydia
KELL, MaryABT 1827
KELL, Mary Belle30 JAN 18601 JAN 1946
KELL, Mary E.1852
KELL, Nancy Ann1850
KELL, NimrodABT 1795
KELL, NimrodABT 1839BEF 4 DEC 1879
KELL, Ona Aggness22 JAN 187611 JAN 1927
KELL, Osborn F.ABT 1900
KELL, Perry
KELL, PeterABT 1852
KELL, PeterABT 1852
KELL, Peter A.23 JAN 1956
KELL, Ralph LongABT 1873
KELL, Ralph LongABT 1873
KELL, Riley
KELL, Riley
KELL, Rita Elaine5 MAY 1954
KELL, RobertABT 182827 JAN 1889
KELL, Robert E.30 OCT 1915
KELL, Robert Hugh16 DEC 190625 JAN 1978
KELL, RosannaABT 1823
KELL, Samuel Alexander10 JUN 18828 SEP 1956
KELL, Samuel H.ABT 1836
KELL, Sara
KELL, Sara
KELL, SarahAPR 1853
KELL, Sarah
KELL, Sarah23 JAN 182119 OCT 1917
KELL, Sharonann8 Jun 1944
KELL, Sharonann8 Jun 1944
KELL, Susan R.17 DEC 1947
KELL, ThomasABT 1791BEF 5 NOV 1877
KELL, Thomas
KELL, Thomas25 DEC 17744 FEB 1842
KELL, Thomas22 JAN 1743
KELL, Thomas Franklin26 DEC 1930
KELL, Thomas W.ABT 1823
KELL, Viola1853
KELL, Walter EdwinAbt 1885
KELL, William H.15 APR 182828 DEC 1880
KELL, William T.ABT 1824

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