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16 Individuals with the KLYCE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KLYCE, David Jackson16 SEP 1862
KLYCE, Dora Altisey15 MAY 184930 NOV 1930
KLYCE, Harvey Asbury? ___ 1867
KLYCE, Henry Adam5 MAR 183927 JAN 1867
KLYCE, Henry Marshall15 JAN 181926 JUL 1892
KLYCE, James Marshall3 MAR 184713 DEC 1901
KLYCE, John Wesley1 JUN 18609 AUG 1860
KLYCE, Leilah E.
KLYCE, Leilah E.
KLYCE, Lena Julia (Jennie)25 OCT 186414 SEP 1890
KLYCE, Mary Eve? ___ 1844
KLYCE, Mozella Deaudrey? OCT 185325 DEC 1910
KLYCE, Rebecca C.? ___ 1850? ___ 1896
KLYCE, Sarah Francis? ___ 1857
KLYCE, Thomas Ithamar? ___ 187116 OCT 1940
KLYCE, William Richardson? ___ 1841

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