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32 Individuals with the KLOSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
KLOSE, Alan Norman
KLOSE, Alice Matilda
KLOSE, Alice Matilda
KLOSE, Alvin A.15 MAR 1911
KLOSE, Barry John
KLOSE, Daniel1852
KLOSE, Dawn Marie
KLOSE, Donald Atwood28 JUN 1941
KLOSE, Elizabeth
KLOSE, George
KLOSE, George
KLOSE, Gordon Henry
KLOSE, Helen
KLOSE, Helen
KLOSE, HeleneABT 1800
KLOSE, Henry
KLOSE, Jeannette May
KLOSE, Jill Irene
KLOSE, John Leslie
KLOSE, John M.
KLOSE, John M.
KLOSE, Leslie Paul
KLOSE, Maxwell Edward
KLOSE, Merrill Rita
KLOSE, Monica Fay
KLOSE, Robert Stanton23 JAN 1944
KLOSE, Sandra Ruth
KLOSE, Stephanie Jean7 SEP 1947
KLOSE, Thomas
KLOSE, William

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