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353 Individuals with the JUNOD Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JUNOD, Abraham
JUNOD, Abraham David25 DEC 177018 FEB 1773
JUNOD, Abraham David20 FEB 177316 MAR 1847
JUNOD, Abraham Louis
JUNOD, Abram12 NOV 1749
JUNOD, Adáele24 NOV 1866
JUNOD, Adáele Elizabeth10 OCT 1849
JUNOD, Adelaide
JUNOD, Adele
JUNOD, Adele Melanie1 MAR 1841
JUNOD, Adeline
JUNOD, Adriano Luis16 FEB 1878
JUNOD, Aime17941862
JUNOD, Alain Willy
JUNOD, Alexander18421923
JUNOD, Alexandra
JUNOD, Alexandre
JUNOD, Alexandre Charles Maurice
JUNOD, Amandine
JUNOD, Amandine
JUNOD, Ami Frâedâeric Louis4 APR 189324 JUL 1987
JUNOD, Anais
JUNOD, Andrâe Edgar
JUNOD, Anna Louise6 MAY 1883
JUNOD, Anne Catherine
JUNOD, Anne MarieABT 1675
JUNOD, Anne-Lise
JUNOD, Annick
JUNOD, Armand Lucien8 JUL 19069 FEB 1942
JUNOD, Arthur D.
JUNOD, Arthur Emile19131975
JUNOD, Arthur Ulysse3 NOV 1855
JUNOD, Augusta21 MAR 1848
JUNOD, Auguste23 JAN 184225 FEB 1925
JUNOD, Auguste13 AUG 187329 JUL 1921
JUNOD, Auguste Andrâe6 OCT 189912 MAY 1901
JUNOD, Auguste Arthur26 DEC 18865 MAR 1969
JUNOD, Auguste Edouard18 OCT 180912 NOV 1882
JUNOD, Auguste Robert7 DEC 18944 JUN 1987
JUNOD, Augustine11 SEP 1879
JUNOD, Baby3 MAR 18463 MAR 1846
JUNOD, Benoit Dominique
JUNOD, Bernard Robert3 APR 19235 APR 1994
JUNOD, Bertha S.25 JAN 187022 JAN 1902
JUNOD, Blanche Elise23 JUL 18989 JUL 1970
JUNOD, Câecile Antoinette30 APR 1891
JUNOD, Câedric
JUNOD, Caroline
JUNOD, Charles28 APR 187123 APR 1952
JUNOD, Charles25 APR 190128 APR 1901
JUNOD, Charles Aimâe19 OCT 181229 NOV 1820
JUNOD, Charles Alcide3 FEB 188327 MAR 1884
JUNOD, Charles Alcide13 NOV 188415 APR 1970
JUNOD, Charles Andrâe
JUNOD, Charles Auguste17 APR 185423 MAY 1941
JUNOD, Charles Edouard4 MAR 18857 MAR 1924
JUNOD, Charles Hilaire5 AUG 18514 JAN 1923
JUNOD, Charles Hilaire7 DEC 188828 OCT 1937
JUNOD, Charles Louis17841853
JUNOD, Charles Marcel10 JAN 190025 JUL 1933
JUNOD, Charles Reymond23 JUL 18967 MAY 1962
JUNOD, Charlotte Pauline18471931
JUNOD, ChristB1600
JUNOD, Claude Gilbert
JUNOD, Claude Marlyse
JUNOD, Claude Râemy
JUNOD, Claude Yves
JUNOD, Claudine Berthe
JUNOD, Daniel
JUNOD, Daniel22 SEP 177631 OCT 1843
JUNOD, Daniel31 DEC 173027 JAN 1824
JUNOD, Danielle Chantal
JUNOD, David LouisBEF10 DEC 1825
JUNOD, Domnique Henri Edgard14 JUN 19625 MAR 1963
JUNOD, Edgar Emile4 APR 19074 OCT 1987
JUNOD, Edith Mathilde
JUNOD, Edmâee Germaine
JUNOD, Edouard18 OCT 1807
JUNOD, Edouard Adolphe12 MAR 184021 JUL 1904
JUNOD, Elaine A.
JUNOD, Elise14 MAY 1810
JUNOD, Elise16 MAY 1815
JUNOD, Ella Elizabeth Mildered18 FEB 191019 DEC 1983
JUNOD, Ema Florentina25 SEP 187527 DEC 1875
JUNOD, Emelie Adáele17 APR 1859
JUNOD, Emile26 SEP 18659 APR 1935
JUNOD, Emile A.18861953
JUNOD, Emile Auguste5 MAY 184624 FEB 1915
JUNOD, Emile Auguste7 JUL 18862 SEP 1886
JUNOD, Emile Auguste22 AUG 188727 AUG 1887
JUNOD, Eric Edgar15 JAN 1938
JUNOD, Eric Edgard
JUNOD, Eric Paul26 FEB 19112 JAN 1993
JUNOD, Eugâenia25 MAR 1874
JUNOD, Eugâenie19 AUG 1846
JUNOD, Eugenia1888
JUNOD, Evelyne Marguerite
JUNOD, Frâedâeric10 DEC 1877
JUNOD, Frâedâeric Louis23 DEC 1805BEF 5 AUG 1851
JUNOD, Frâedâeric Louis15 DEC 18378 MAR 1880
JUNOD, Francine Denise
JUNOD, Francis Charles
JUNOD, Francois Charles
JUNOD, Franðcois Louis22 APR 181122 APR 1816
JUNOD, Franðcois Louis25 JAN 1774
JUNOD, Franðcois Râemy
JUNOD, Franðcoise Anne
JUNOD, Freddy Bernard
JUNOD, Gaston Louis
JUNOD, George1779BEF 4 SEP 1853
JUNOD, George Edward11 JAN 187812 MAY 1947
JUNOD, George Frederic2 APR 1820
JUNOD, Georges4 SEP 1853
JUNOD, Georges Edmond30 NOV 18892 DEC 1917
JUNOD, Georges Emile25 DEC 190014 SEP 1980
JUNOD, Germaine Marguerite25 JUL 190020 AUG 1922
JUNOD, Gertrude Hâeláene
JUNOD, Gilbert Arthur31 JAN 18995 FEB 1899
JUNOD, GirardB1600
JUNOD, Gustave Robert
JUNOD, Henri22 JAN 18392 AUG 1927
JUNOD, Henri Alcide1 MAY 189714 MAR 1965
JUNOD, Henri Louis18 APR 18485 APR 1927
JUNOD, Henry Louis9 JAN 18691946
JUNOD, Hilaire Charles
JUNOD, Ida Hâeláene
JUNOD, Iráene Louise
JUNOD, Jacqueline Yvonne
JUNOD, Jacques22 FEB 17332 JAN 1781
JUNOD, Jacques169631 JAN 1774
JUNOD, JacquesB1710
JUNOD, Jade L.
JUNOD, Janine Iráene
JUNOD, Jean Claude
JUNOD, Jean Franðcois
JUNOD, Jean Frederic
JUNOD, Jean Frederic
JUNOD, Jean FredericWFT Est. 1753-1781WFT Est. 1806-1866
JUNOD, Jean JacquesWFT Est. 1713-1755WFT Est. 1753-1836
JUNOD, Jean Jaques
JUNOD, Jean Jaques
JUNOD, Jean JaquesWFT Est. 1672-1720WFT Est. 1673-1762
JUNOD, Jean Jaques
JUNOD, Jean Louis
JUNOD, Jean LouisBEF 14 JUN 1814
JUNOD, Jean Louis2 NOV 1831
JUNOD, Jean Louis16986 OCT 1773
JUNOD, Jean LouisC FEB 172314 NOV 1793
JUNOD, Jean Louis8 DEC 177630 AUG 1835
JUNOD, Jean Paul
JUNOD, Jean Philippe
JUNOD, Jean Pierre28 MAR 1813
JUNOD, Jean Pierre
JUNOD, Jean Pierre22 DEC 1737
JUNOD, Jean Pierre13 MAY 17425 AUG 1817
JUNOD, Jean Pierre Lâeon19 MAY 193928 JUL 1957
JUNOD, Jean Samuel
JUNOD, Jean-Frâedâeric29 DEC 17663 FEB 1767
JUNOD, Jean-Frâedâeric19 FEB 176812 OCT 1829
JUNOD, Jean-Jacques10 APR 1735
JUNOD, Jean-Jacques5 SEP 1721
JUNOD, Jean-JacquesWFT Est. 1713-1760WFT Est. 1754-1841
JUNOD, Jeanne Marguerite2 AUG 173919 JAN 1817
JUNOD, Jessica
JUNOD, Jonas14 AUG 17632 NOV 1834
JUNOD, Jonas HenriC 1787
JUNOD, Jonas Pierre25 DEC 17743 FEB 1813
JUNOD, Jonas Pierre
JUNOD, Jonas Pierre
JUNOD, Jonas PierreWFT Est. 1747-1767WFT Est. 1792-1853
JUNOD, Josâe Eddy
JUNOD, Josâe Eric19 FEB 193423 FEB 1934
JUNOD, JosephBEF 12 JUN 1722
JUNOD, Joseph22 AUG 172316 OCT 1779
JUNOD, JosephBET. 1644 - 1685BEF 12 JUN 1722
JUNOD, Josette Alice
JUNOD, Josianne Gabrielle
JUNOD, Josianne Marguerite
JUNOD, JudithABT 1709
JUNOD, JudithBET. 1684 - 1711BET. 1742 - 1799
JUNOD, Julia Augusta29 DEC 187729 DEC 1877
JUNOD, Julie
JUNOD, Julie
JUNOD, Julie9 AUG 177911 NOV 1852
JUNOD, JulieBEF22-JUN-1844
JUNOD, Julie
JUNOD, Julie Adáele23 MAR 1819
JUNOD, Julie Adele1 JUL 1813
JUNOD, Julie Aline27 JAN 184223 MAY 1868
JUNOD, Julie Augustine
JUNOD, Julie Evodie1 JUL 1830
JUNOD, Julie Hâeláene18 NOV 1843
JUNOD, Juliette Denise
JUNOD, JustinC1814
JUNOD, Justin Maximilien26 DEC 1844
JUNOD, Kirkland D.
JUNOD, Lâeon Albert13 DEC 18914 JUN 1914
JUNOD, Lâeon Arthur8 FEB 191531 JAN 1986
JUNOD, Lâeopold22 MAR 18909 FEB 1959
JUNOD, Laure Octavie15 APR 1850
JUNOD, Laurent
JUNOD, Laurentina Julia15 APR 1866
JUNOD, Lina13 SEP 186410 JUL 1938
JUNOD, Lina Ida25 MAR 189112 OCT 1972
JUNOD, Lionel
JUNOD, Lisette
JUNOD, Logan D.
JUNOD, Louis
JUNOD, Louis Adolphe12 JUL 181422 APR 1863
JUNOD, Louis Auguste22 AUG 1822
JUNOD, Louis Auguste
JUNOD, Louis Auguste20 APR 184527 APR 1881
JUNOD, Louis Constant14 NOV 18504 DEC 1941
JUNOD, Louis Constant20 JUN 188110 NOV 1881
JUNOD, Louis Constant15 MAR 188520 AUG 1945
JUNOD, Louis Emile17 APR 187229 NOV 1908
JUNOD, Louis Theophile21 SEP 1827
JUNOD, Louis Theophile3 MAY 1855
JUNOD, Louise Aimie7 FEB 182222 OCT 1877
JUNOD, Louise Amelie
JUNOD, Louise Charlotte22 FEB 18161856
JUNOD, Lucette Alice
JUNOD, Lucie Claudine
JUNOD, Lucien Michel
JUNOD, Lydia Wilhelmine
JUNOD, Mâelanie
JUNOD, Magali Dominique
JUNOD, Marcel Andrâe
JUNOD, Margarite22 DEC 188516 OCT 1937
JUNOD, Maria
JUNOD, Maria Luisa18 FEB 1870
JUNOD, Marianne CarolineC1822
JUNOD, Marie
JUNOD, Marie Adele15 APR 1846
JUNOD, Marie Clara
JUNOD, Marie Elise23 JUN 18681908
JUNOD, Marie Ida
JUNOD, Marie Isaline
JUNOD, Marie Jeanne
JUNOD, Marie Jenny28 MAY 1852
JUNOD, Marie Julie18491862
JUNOD, Marie Louise28 JUL 1826
JUNOD, Marie Louise8 MAY 1815
JUNOD, Marie Louise8 NOV 1842
JUNOD, Marie Louise1 DEC 1879
JUNOD, Marie Madelaine
JUNOD, Marie Marguerite
JUNOD, Marie Marguerite30 MAY 179211 MAY 1817
JUNOD, Marie Marguerite19 SEP 180910 OCT 1809

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