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29 Individuals with the JANETT Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JANETT, Andrew
JANETT, Andrew
JANETT, Annette Corinne18 Feb 1962
JANETT, Craig Peter24 Feb 1964
JANETT, Dorothy Margaret5 Nov 1913
JANETT, George Edward20 Jan 1910
JANETT, Gwen Avon18 Aug 1938
JANETT, Harold Peter18 Mar 1935
JANETT, Jean Christine23 Jul 1953
JANETT, Joann Virginia25 Sep 1951
JANETT, John Andrew20 Dec 18749 Nov 1951
JANETT, John Jacob8 Dec 18388 Jun 1917
JANETT, John William19 Apr 1948
JANETT, Leslie George9 Oct 1913
JANETT, Linda Beth10 Aug 1946
JANETT, Mark Peter17 Jun 1970
JANETT, Mary22 Feb 188818 Mar 1978
JANETT, Melvina Margreth7 Jan 191014 May 1934
JANETT, Patricia Blanch1 Nov 1929
JANETT, Peter , Jr.4 Dec 187416 Jun 1946
JANETT, Peter Howaed26 Feb 190825 May 1980
JANETT, Peter Kelly29 Dec 1970
JANETT, Sally Ann8 Apr 1951
JANETT, Scott Robert22 Nov 1971
JANETT, Theodore Orville20 Nov 1907
JANETT, 1796

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