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72 Individuals with the JUNE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JUNE, Abner21 Jan 172220 Sep 1722
JUNE, Abner25 Jan 1723
JUNE, Alva C.Abt 1860
JUNE, AlvahAbt 1816
JUNE, Azuba5 Oct 174317 Oct 1745
JUNE, Azubah C11 Mar 1750/1751
JUNE, Charles N.Abt 18467 May 1905
JUNE, CharlotteAbt 1858
JUNE, Deborah29 Jun 1756
JUNE, Diana Carter
JUNE, Diana Carter
JUNE, Elijah14 Aug 172424 Aug 1724
JUNE, Elizabeth11 Apr 1753
JUNE, Ezarah20 Jun 1722
JUNE, Francis19 Jul 1873
JUNE, GeorgeAbt 1871Abt 1898
JUNE, Gjertrude Finsdtr
JUNE, GraceAbt 1879
JUNE, HannahMay 1842
JUNE, HarrietAbt 1842
JUNE, Helen Marr
JUNE, IssacAbt 1849
JUNE, Jacob27 Jan 1727
JUNE, James29 Jan 1687
JUNE, James29 Jun 1687
JUNE, James McClellandPrivate
JUNE, James McClellandPrivate
JUNE, James R.Abt 1831
JUNE, Jehiell8 Oct 1707
JUNE, Jemima20 Sep 1718
JUNE, Joel
JUNE, John22 Jan 1715/1716
JUNE, KathyPrivate
JUNE, Leola1 JUN 1926
JUNE, LesterAbt 1859
JUNE, Levi14 Jun 174113 Sep 1745
JUNE, Lorena5 Dec 1876
JUNE, Mary17 Mar 1734/1735
JUNE, Mary12 Nov 1716
JUNE, Mary30 Jul 1699
JUNE, Mary14 Aug 171310 Aug 1724
JUNE, Mary8 AUG 17618 APR 1844
JUNE, Mary E.Abt 1852
JUNE, Mercy11 Dec 1692
JUNE, Peter22 Nov 1683
JUNE, PeterAbt 1654Abt 1 Mar 1706
JUNE, Peter26 Oct 1710
JUNE, PeterABT 16561 Mar 1707
JUNE, Peter Jr22 Nov 16834 May 1744
JUNE, Rachel1768
JUNE, Rosetta9 Nov 186718 Oct 1946
JUNE, RuthAbt 1859
JUNE, Ruth5 Jun 1715Jan 1782
JUNE, Sarah4 Aug 1720
JUNE, Sarah26 Jan 1680
JUNE, Simeon9 Mar 1736/17377 Oct 1745
JUNE, Simeon9 Mar 1745/1746
JUNE, Simeon16 Dec 1705BEF 1769
JUNE, Stephen9 May 173911 Aug 1747
JUNE, Stephen28 Jun 1748AFT 1775
JUNE, Tamor
JUNE, Thelma Elton
JUNE, Thomas
JUNE, Thomas23 Jul 1690
JUNE, WillaimAbt 1848
JUNE, 1699
JUNE, 1809

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