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27 Individuals with the JAMEE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAMEE, Alexander Alois9 MAR 1867AFT 1930
JAMEE, Alexander Ernest7 NOV 1898AFT 1900
JAMEE, Andre4 MAY 194629 OCT 1986
JAMEE, Andre Franciscus29 MAR 18904 OCT 1949
JAMEE, Andreas18 JUL 1872
JAMEE, Cyrille Julien21 DEC 1896AFT 1929
JAMEE, Eugenia Petronella28 JUN 18888 MAY 1912
JAMEE, Franciscus XaveriusABT 1846AFT 1891
JAMEE, Franciscus Xaverius
JAMEE, Georges Paulus12 MAR 19267 SEP 1997
JAMEE, Gustave Guilielmus14 DEC 186426 AUG 1912
JAMEE, Jan Baptist
JAMEE, Josephine6 JUN 192019 FEB 2001
JAMEE, Karel Victor10 MAY 190630 SEP 1991
JAMEE, Leonia Victorina24 APR 1902AFT 1926
JAMEE, Ludovica Severina28 NOV 1892AFT 1899
JAMEE, Ludovicus Philippus3 SEP 1907AFT 1930
JAMEE, Maria Antonia26 OCT 18952 JAN 1896
JAMEE, Maria Rosalia16 OCT 1894AFT 1930
JAMEE, Maria Theresia Wilhelmina5 AUG 1929AFT 1994
JAMEE, Mariette
JAMEE, Paulina22 OCT 1894AFT 1900
JAMEE, Peter
JAMEE, Pierre
JAMEE, Seraphina Joanna1 APR 1901AFT 1930
JAMEE, Severius

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