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236 Individuals with the JUDY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JUDY, AbigailABT 1830
JUDY, Abram
JUDY, Adam12 NOV 180527 FEB 1871
JUDY, Adam
JUDY, Adam14 MAR 1787
JUDY, Adam1845
JUDY, Adam Fletcher14 JAN 186010 NOV 1951
JUDY, Adam Harness15 SEP 18531893
JUDY, Adella Elizabeth7 AUG 186923 JUN 1953
JUDY, Albert
JUDY, Allen
JUDY, Allen1852
JUDY, Allen
JUDY, Alonzo L.22 APR 186920 JAN 1936
JUDY, Alora Mae07 FEB 1929
JUDY, America1838
JUDY, Amos21 OCT 181130 MAY 1884
JUDY, Amos Henry
JUDY, Anna Frances
JUDY, Anna Marie
JUDY, Annie27 JUL 18598 APR 1889
JUDY, Arthur
JUDY, Augustus
JUDY, Augustus
JUDY, Barbara1786
JUDY, Barbara179126 OCT 1869
JUDY, Benjamin
JUDY, Benjamin
JUDY, Benjamin
JUDY, Benjamin
JUDY, Bessie
JUDY, Bonnie Lenora5 OCT 1925
JUDY, Carol
JUDY, CarrieABT 1872BEF 1892
JUDY, Charles11 FEB 18741 AUG 1883
JUDY, Charles Daniel
JUDY, Charlotte "Lottie"11 APR 187024 NOV 1956
JUDY, Clyde
JUDY, Cora T.
JUDY, Cynthia
JUDY, Cynthia20 AUG 1896
JUDY, Cynthia
JUDY, Cynthia Elizabeth1 MAY 1954
JUDY, Cynthia Genia
JUDY, Deborah Jane
JUDY, Dove14 DEC 1957
JUDY, Dwight
JUDY, Edna
JUDY, Edward
JUDY, Eleanor Knoll
JUDY, Eleanor Knoll
JUDY, Elizabeth17781836
JUDY, Elizabeth
JUDY, Elizabeth
JUDY, Elizabeth AnnAFT 1826
JUDY, Ellen
JUDY, ElmerABT 1903
JUDY, Emma1800
JUDY, Eva1795
JUDY, EveABT 1796ABT 11 NOV 1878
JUDY, FernABT 1901
JUDY, Flora Belle5 SEP 1885
JUDY, Florence "Irene"
JUDY, Francis Estelle30 AUG 186016 AUG 1921
JUDY, Frank P.
JUDY, Gary Wayne
JUDY, Gary Wayne
JUDY, George1780
JUDY, George
JUDY, George
JUDY, George B. McClellanABT 1864ABT 1931
JUDY, George Enoch17 JUN 186527 MAR 1931
JUDY, George K.
JUDY, George Washington24 JAN 179318 JAN 1875
JUDY, Grace
JUDY, Grace
JUDY, Grace
JUDY, Grace A.
JUDY, Grace Alice21 NOV 188423 DEC 1945
JUDY, Grace M.14 MAR 1908
JUDY, HarlanJUL 1947
JUDY, Harriet Frances
JUDY, Harry
JUDY, Henry17448 JUN 1824
JUDY, Henry8 MAR 17998 MAR 1854
JUDY, Henry13 DEC 18495 AUG 1925
JUDY, Henry A.1849
JUDY, Henry Jr.ABT 17741847
JUDY, Hiram2 AUG 1841
JUDY, Ida P.20 APR 186716 MAR 1939
JUDY, Isaac G.
JUDY, Isaac G.
JUDY, Isaac Harvey23 JUL 18579 APR 1935
JUDY, Isaac Newton23 JUL 185618 OCT 1893
JUDY, Isaac Ray
JUDY, Jacob1 MAR 178525 AUG 1855
JUDY, Jacob
JUDY, Jacob Kenny3 FEB 18606 FEB 1932
JUDY, Jakob1784
JUDY, James
JUDY, James
JUDY, James
JUDY, James Norris30 JAN 1995
JUDY, James William20 JUN 187617 APR 1931
JUDY, Jehu19 FEB 1825
JUDY, Jennie C.
JUDY, Jennie C.
JUDY, Jesse18149 JUN 1878
JUDY, John
JUDY, John1782
JUDY, JohnABT 1824
JUDY, John8 MAR 1831
JUDY, John MartinABT 1885ABT 1902
JUDY, John Milton1870
JUDY, Karl
JUDY, Kate
JUDY, Kendra Diane
JUDY, Kendra Diane
JUDY, Kenneth PaulPrivate
JUDY, Kennie H.25 JAN 18792 FEB 1960
JUDY, Larry
JUDY, Lechter
JUDY, Lou Ellen1879
JUDY, Lucy Anna27 AUG 1872
JUDY, Lydia Catherine22 AUG 18746 SEP 1920
JUDY, Mabel19051912
JUDY, Mabel
JUDY, Mahala10 FEB 18199 JUL 1882
JUDY, MahalaAFT 1826
JUDY, Mahala?12 AUG 182427 AUG 1849
JUDY, Marcellus1847
JUDY, MargaretBEF 1796
JUDY, Margaret EllenABT 1895ABT 1896
JUDY, Martha Alice18621941
JUDY, Martin
JUDY, MartinABT 177914 SEP 1853
JUDY, Martin10 NOV 178219 NOV 1822
JUDY, Martin1840
JUDY, MartinAbt 1780
JUDY, Martin V.18318 JAN 1885
JUDY, Mary
JUDY, Mary A.
JUDY, Mary Catherine20 AUG 183215 JUN 1898
JUDY, Mary Catherine4 MAY 185624 FEB 1942
JUDY, Mary Catherine11 AUG 185222 MAY 1875
JUDY, Mary E.
JUDY, Mary E.
JUDY, Mary Etta22 JUN 1899
JUDY, Mary Heanette
JUDY, Mary Jane13 SEP 18541 JUN 1927
JUDY, Mary Jane28 JUN 188727 JUN 1955
JUDY, Mary Susan10 SEP 18705 AUG 1961
JUDY, Melvina
JUDY, Michael
JUDY, Myrtle E.
JUDY, Nathan
JUDY, Nellie May
JUDY, Nicholas Jr.14 MAR 17891 JUL 1853
JUDY, Nicholas Sr.ABT 1747BEF 9 NOV 1810
JUDY, Noah H.18551922
JUDY, Noah H.
JUDY, Nora
JUDY, Nora G.4 JUL 192228 FEB 2001
JUDY, OmarABT 1905
JUDY, Opel10 JUN 1909
JUDY, Orville1911BEF 1936
JUDY, Oscar C.
JUDY, Osceola "Olie"ABT 1875ABT 1886
JUDY, Paul
JUDY, Paul JamesPrivate
JUDY, Pitman Flick5 AUG 18731938
JUDY, Polly18071833
JUDY, RebeccaABT 1827
JUDY, Rhonda Kay
JUDY, Richard
JUDY, Robert V.
JUDY, Rocena Della27 APR 1875AFT 1 APR 1942
JUDY, Roxanna1833
JUDY, Sallie
JUDY, Sallie T.1878
JUDY, Samuel Arland
JUDY, Sannette Camille29 OCT 1961
JUDY, Sarah5 JUL 177527 DEC 1853
JUDY, SarahABT 1806/1807
JUDY, Sidney1806
JUDY, Sidney EllenABT 1847
JUDY, Sinclair1836
JUDY, Solomon
JUDY, St. ClairABT 1839
JUDY, Susan C.ABT 1841
JUDY, SusannahABT 1796
JUDY, Susannah10 AUG 1818
JUDY, Susanne1788
JUDY, Thelma Katie
JUDY, Ulysses S. Grant24 AUG 186631 MAY 1943
JUDY, Vicki Vanderford Diane
JUDY, Virginia1834
JUDY, William
JUDY, William
JUDY, William
JUDY, William DABT 1870
JUDY, William DABT 1870
JUDY, William John
JUDY, William John12 FEB 19011 AUG 1977
JUDY, Zadie
JUDY, Zebulon
JUDY, Zebulon Moab26 SEP 1880APR 1917
JUDY, _____
JUDY, ABT 1960
JUDY, 1858
JUDY, Private
JUDY, Private
JUDY, Private
JUDY, ABT 1897
JUDY, ABT 1899
JUDY, ABT 1907
JUDY, ABT 1909

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