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146 Individuals with the JUDAH Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JUDAH, Abba Mar
JUDAH, Abijah King ofABT 0970 BCABT 0911 BC
JUDAH, Abijah King of
JUDAH, Agnes1845
JUDAH, Ahaz King ofABT 0753 BCABT 0716 BC
JUDAH, Ahaz King of
JUDAH, Ahaziah King ofABT 0893 BCABT 0841 BC
JUDAH, Ahaziah King of
JUDAH, Akkub
JUDAH, Amaziah King ofABT 0849 BCABT 0767 BC
JUDAH, Amaziah King of
JUDAH, Amon King of
JUDAH, Andrew Spurgeon
JUDAH, Asa King ofABT 0950 BCABT 0870 BC
JUDAH, Asa King of
JUDAH, Azariah
JUDAH, Bertha Elizabeth
JUDAH, Bessie Ruth
JUDAH, Betty Lou
JUDAH, Bostanai610-618660-670
JUDAH, Bruce Clayton
JUDAH, Calcol
JUDAH, Christopher M.
JUDAH, Daniel1840
JUDAH, Daniel179814 JAN 1857
JUDAH, David Bryan
JUDAH, Dorcas1839
JUDAH, Dorcas1805ABT 1870
JUDAH, Eliakim King ofABT 0633 BC
JUDAH, Elioenai
JUDAH, Elizabeth1834
JUDAH, Ethan
JUDAH, Francis Wayne
JUDAH, Gregory
JUDAH, Habibai700
JUDAH, Hanan
JUDAH, Hananian
JUDAH, Haninai
JUDAH, Haninai
JUDAH, Haninai Bar Aboi
JUDAH, Heman
JUDAH, Henry1800ABT 1878
JUDAH, Henry , Sr.17751840
JUDAH, Henry Clay1845
JUDAH, Henry R.1851
JUDAH, Hezekiah King ofABT 0741 BCABT 0687 BC
JUDAH, Hezekiah King of
JUDAH, Hisdai
JUDAH, Honor Reneah
JUDAH, Isaiah
JUDAH, James S.1848
JUDAH, Jamie Lou
JUDAH, Jechoniah King of
JUDAH, Jehoiachin
JUDAH, Jehoiakim
JUDAH, Jehoram King ofABT 0910 BCABT 0841 BC
JUDAH, Jehoram King of
JUDAH, Jehoshapat King ofABT 0930 BCABT 0848 BC
JUDAH, Jehoshaphat King of
JUDAH, Jehosheba Princess of
JUDAH, Jeohash King of
JUDAH, Joash King ofABT 0871 BCABT 0796 BC
JUDAH, Joatham King ofABT 0773 BCABT 0732 BC
JUDAH, Johanan
JUDAH, Johanan Crown Prince of0609 BC
JUDAH, John A. Jackson1835
JUDAH, John Jackson18181851
JUDAH, John Samuel
JUDAH, John Samuel
JUDAH, John Spurgeon
JUDAH, John W.1840
JUDAH, Joseph ben
JUDAH, Josiah King of
JUDAH, Jotham King of
JUDAH, Joyce
JUDAH, Kafnai
JUDAH, Kenneth Steven
JUDAH, Lucy18121892
JUDAH, Lucy Ann12 APR 183811 MAY 1898
JUDAH, Lucy Ann
JUDAH, Luther Samuel
JUDAH, Luther Samuel
JUDAH, Manasseh King of
JUDAH, Mar Ukba
JUDAH, Mar Zutra
JUDAH, Mar Zutra340
JUDAH, Maremar
JUDAH, Markahana
JUDAH, Martha1849
JUDAH, Martha Ann1849
JUDAH, Mary1815
JUDAH, Mary Lou
JUDAH, Melvin Scott
JUDAH, Miles Spurgeon
JUDAH, Nahshon Prince of
JUDAH, Nancy J.1854
JUDAH, Nathan Ukba
JUDAH, Natronai
JUDAH, Neanah
JUDAH, Nehemiah
JUDAH, Nehemiah
JUDAH, Noah Harry
JUDAH, Noah Samuel
JUDAH, Noah Samuel
JUDAH, Obadaiah
JUDAH, Of Hisdai
JUDAH, Pediah
JUDAH, Rebecca1836
JUDAH, Rehoboam King of
JUDAH, Rephaiah
JUDAH, Robert Matthew
JUDAH, Samuel Anthony
JUDAH, Samuel Dean
JUDAH, Samuel Dean
JUDAH, Sarah Helen
JUDAH, Sarah Jane1842
JUDAH, Sarah Sallie18 JUN 182512 NOV 1906
JUDAH, Shaphat
JUDAH, Shecanian
JUDAH, Shelah
JUDAH, Shemaiah
JUDAH, Simeon ben
JUDAH, Timothy Wayne
JUDAH, Uzziah King ofABT 0812 BCABT 0739 BC
JUDAH, Uzziah King of
JUDAH, Vickie Lynn
JUDAH, William1838
JUDAH, William Ard9 APR 1832
JUDAH, William Daniel1804
JUDAH, Willie Beatrice11 JAN 190019 OCT 1992
JUDAH, Zarah
JUDAH, Zedekiah (Mattaniah) last King ofABT 0577 BC
JUDAH, Zerah ibnABT 1751 BCABT 1500 BC
JUDAH, Zerubbabel Governor of
JUDAH, Zimri
JUDAH, 1793AFT 1693

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