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25 Individuals with the JOHNES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JOHNES, Aaron Pierson23 MAR 1801
JOHNES, Charles Alexander30 MAR 1796
JOHNES, Charlotte Catherine8 NOV 1809
JOHNES, Edward Rudolphus16 DEC 1813
JOHNES, Elizabeth Caroline23 MAR 179910 JAN 1839
JOHNES, Ester12 JAN 1718
JOHNES, Harriet24 MAR 18043 AUG 1813
JOHNES, Joseph Lewis1797
JOHNES, Louisa Jane22 APR 18121846
JOHNES, Mary168120 MAY 1766
JOHNES, MissABT 1514
JOHNES, Phebe?
JOHNES, Samuel
JOHNES, Samuel
JOHNES, Stephen
JOHNES, Theodosia174121 AUG 1824
JOHNES, Timothy?
JOHNES, Timothy24 MAY 171715 SEP 1794
JOHNES, Timothy
JOHNES, William17538 DEC 1836
JOHNES, William18031803
JOHNES, William30 SEP 18061 MAY 1889

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