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33 Individuals with the JANSE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JANSE, Aechie1641
JANSE, Anna Lasya Johanna
JANSE, Annetje157712 JUN 1635
JANSE, AnnetjeABT 1580
JANSE, Annetje16231695
JANSE, AnnetjeABT 1580
JANSE, Augusta Emma
JANSE, Barber
JANSE, Barend
JANSE, Christine Stanchke
JANSE, David PiercePrivate
JANSE, Elisabeth
JANSE, Elizabeth
JANSE, Ellen11 Mar 1968
JANSE, Engeltje1600BEF NOV 1647
JANSE, Engeltje1600BEF NOV 1647
JANSE, Everett JohnPrivate
JANSE, Geerije
JANSE, Geerije
JANSE, Geerije
JANSE, Geerije
JANSE, Geesie
JANSE, Giesjen
JANSE, JanBET 1601 AND 1642
JANSE, Jannetje15651640
JANSE, Jannetje15651640
JANSE, Maarten31 Jan 1972
JANSE, Margaret
JANSE, Neeltje
JANSE, Peter AndrewPrivate
JANSE, Philip JohnPrivate

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