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154 Individuals with the JAY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAY, Alice
JAY, Allen Anger3 NOV 187421 APR 1959
JAY, Allie189313 Mar 1981
JAY, Amanda2 FEB 1846WFT Est. 1847-1940
JAY, Angela10 NOV 1980
JAY, Anna
JAY, AnnaABT 1878
JAY, Anna5 MAY 17729 APR 1828
JAY, Augustus
JAY, Augustus
JAY, Ben Buttler19 FEB 18878 JAN 1920
JAY, Benjamin Harrison
JAY, Betsy Anne
JAY, Beulah StarrPrivate
JAY, Blanch MatildaPrivate
JAY, Brandon Harold Joseph18 May 1998
JAY, Brenda Lee15 Oct 1961
JAY, Brent Thomas
JAY, Charles Clayton1 NOV 187213 OCT 1936
JAY, Charles Clayton26 APR 190611 JUL 1910
JAY, Clarence
JAY, Clarence
JAY, Claude Ellis4 APR 190016 OCT 1902
JAY, Clide Elmer4 APR 190014 OCT 1902
JAY, CoraABT. 1884
JAY, Craig Phillip
JAY, Dan
JAY, Daniel David
JAY, David
JAY, David
JAY, David Lee27 Mar 1968died young
JAY, Dennis
JAY, Edna Grace
JAY, Elizabeth
JAY, ElizabethWFT Est. 1756-1779WFT Est. 1801-1867
JAY, Elizabeth Hariett
JAY, Elizabeth Hariett
JAY, EthelPrivate
JAY, Evangaline Eliza18 APR 187726 DEC 1976
JAY, Eve
JAY, Frances
JAY, Frances
JAY, Fred
JAY, Frederick27 DEC 18736 MAY 1962
JAY, Gerald
JAY, Hannah
JAY, Harrison Morton2 MAR 1889WFT Est. 1890-1979
JAY, Hazel15 MAR 191113 SEP 1961
JAY, Hugh Raymond13 MAY 1922
JAY, Hugh Raymond13 MAY 1922
JAY, Isaac
JAY, James
JAY, JamesABT 1876
JAY, James
JAY, Jeanne
JAY, Jeanne
JAY, Jennifer DawnPrivate
JAY, Jerod Tyler
JAY, Jesse
JAY, Jessica Lee
JAY, John12 DEC 174517 MAY 1829
JAY, John17451829
JAY, John
JAY, John
JAY, John
JAY, John Donald
JAY, John Donald
JAY, John James23 DEC 1881WFT Est. 1882-1971
JAY, John Joseph
JAY, Joseph
JAY, Joseph
JAY, Joseph
JAY, Joseph Leroy6 May 19467 Sep 1986
JAY, Joseph Leroy Jr.8 Nov 1971
JAY, Joseph Riley
JAY, Joyce22 FEB 1934
JAY, Joyce22 FEB 1934
JAY, Katherine
JAY, Kenneth Charles
JAY, Laura Ann11 Mar 1963
JAY, Laura Jenell
JAY, LenaABT 1875
JAY, Lesley Maurice23 NOV 1940FEB 1984
JAY, Leslie MauricePrivate
JAY, Living
JAY, Logan Albert26 Feb 1988
JAY, Lois4 MAY 18711 APR 1959
JAY, Lorenzo Dow31 OCT 1848WFT Est. 1849-1938
JAY, Lydia
JAY, Margaret
JAY, Margaret Ann17 FEB 1944
JAY, Margaret Ann17 FEB 1944
JAY, Mark1848
JAY, Martha Marie3 MAY 19484 SEP 1975
JAY, Martin WPrivate
JAY, Martin Wilsie1851WFT Est. 1852-1941
JAY, Martin Wilsie (1)17852 MAR 1844
JAY, Martin Wilsie(2)1815WFT Est. 1854-1906
JAY, MaryABT 1730
JAY, Mary
JAY, Mary Ann Elizabeth1862?
JAY, Mary Elizabeth11 SEP 19036 MAR 1966
JAY, Mary Polly
JAY, Matilda22 JAN 1843WFT Est. 1844-1937
JAY, Michael
JAY, Nancy Lee5 OCT 1948
JAY, Nancy Lee5 OCT 1948
JAY, Nathan Lee
JAY, Nathan Lee
JAY, Nettie Nolene9 May 1900
JAY, PenninahJAN 1880
JAY, Peter
JAY, Peter
JAY, Rachel
JAY, Raleigh
JAY, Raymond J.8 Jul 1967
JAY, Riley Darren
JAY, Rodney
JAY, Ronald John4 Feb 1943
JAY, Ronald John Jr.
JAY, Rossie Elvira11 JUN 190212 SEP 1971
JAY, Ruth2 APR 19056 NOV 1964
JAY, Ryan Keith1975
JAY, Sarah
JAY, Sarah
JAY, Sheldon Frederick
JAY, Simeon12 NOV 18408 FEB 1920
JAY, Simeon23 MAY 1879WFT Est. 1880-1969
JAY, StanleyPrivate
JAY, Stephen
JAY, Stephen Albion18421922
JAY, Susan M.
JAY, Teresa Marie14 Mar 1970died young
JAY, Thomas
JAY, Thomas Mance
JAY, Timothy Wade10 MAY 1960OCT 1986
JAY, Tony Lee9 Sep 1974
JAY, Valerie Renee1 Aug 1994
JAY, Virginia
JAY, Wade Luther24 Oct 1976
JAY, WalterABT 1871
JAY, Walter Thomson30 JUL 1885WFT Est. 1886-1975
JAY, William
JAY, William17451796
JAY, William17201773
JAY, William II
JAY, William Robert

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