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36 Individuals with the JAKES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAKES, Alexander Breckridge12 Dec 185422 Jul 1932
JAKES, Alicia
JAKES, Barnett1864
JAKES, Buford Harris
JAKES, Camille5 Jul 1887
JAKES, David
JAKES, Doris Lorene25 Aug 1925
JAKES, Eliza Jane1856
JAKES, Emmett28 Mar 18928 Oct 1963
JAKES, Ernest17 Apr 19004 Jul 1900
JAKES, George1862
JAKES, George Ewing1 Oct 18823 Apr 1943
JAKES, George W.1837
JAKES, Gilbert Coner8 Oct 188917 Jan 1960
JAKES, Ida Mae18 Aug 18988 Apr 1961
JAKES, J. Cleve2 Oct 188411 Feb 1899
JAKES, John5 Mar 181513 Apr 1893
JAKES, John P.F.1846
JAKES, Leander C.12 Dec 185430 May 1927
JAKES, Marion Cecil2 Apr 190111 Jan 1976
JAKES, Martha Ann30 Aug 1840
JAKES, Mary Jane30 Apr 1842
JAKES, Mattie B.7 Aug 186120 Sep 1862
JAKES, Melorlle1870
JAKES, Nancy C.11 Jul 1849
JAKES, Norcissa1859
JAKES, Paul R.191318 Aug 1974
JAKES, Robert L.1867
JAKES, Russell
JAKES, Sarah1850
JAKES, William1865
JAKES, William Estus10 Jan 1886
JAKES, William J.1844

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