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35 Individuals with the JAHIER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAHIER, (Daughter)Abt 1570
JAHIER, (Daughter)Abt 1575
JAHIER, (Male)Abt 1630
JAHIER, (Male)Abt 1635
JAHIER, Barthelemy1640/164124 JAN 1717
JAHIER, Barthelemy16951 JUL 1768
JAHIER, Barthelemy162018 JUN 1655
JAHIER, Bernard1668/166910 JAN 1750
JAHIER, Bernard Or BernardinAbt 16421709
JAHIER, BernardinAbt 16011630
JAHIER, Bernardin15421598/1599
JAHIER, Catherine1687/1688
JAHIER, Elisee15851599
JAHIER, EliseeAbt 16001630
JAHIER, Elisee1673/1674
JAHIER, Elisee15 JAN 17111 MAR 1757
JAHIER, EliseeAbt 1672
JAHIER, Jacques1601/16021679/1681
JAHIER, JacquesAbt 16968 FEB 1753
JAHIER, JacquesAbt 1665Bef 1716
JAHIER, JeanAbt 1628
JAHIER, JeanAbt 171025 DEC 1768
JAHIER, JeanAbt 1670
JAHIER, Jean15731630
JAHIER, JeanginAbt 1667
JAHIER, Jeanne27 MAR 171418 JUL 1786
JAHIER, JeanneAbt 164610 JAN 1668
JAHIER, JeannetAbt 15681615
JAHIER, MargueriteAbt 1639
JAHIER, MarieAbt 1599
JAHIER, Marie Madeleine
JAHIER, Marthe14 JAN 171712 DEC 1786
JAHIER, Mrs. Bernardin1546
JAHIER, Mrs. Catherine1576
JAHIER, SuzanneAbt 17034 AUG 1752

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