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28 Individuals with the JAGER Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
JAGER, Anna1741
JAGER, Anna BarbaraABT 1743
JAGER, Anna Elise10.8.186925.10.1933
JAGER, Anna Maria
JAGER, AnniABT 1990
JAGER, Brenda18 JAN 1971
JAGER, Christian Friedrich
JAGER, Diane
JAGER, Edgar A
JAGER, Heini1739
JAGER, Heini1679
JAGER, Heinrich1745
JAGER, Heinrich ( Henry )1715ABT 1748
JAGER, Herbert
JAGER, Jeremiah Gumaer
JAGER, JohannesABT 1640
JAGER, Joseph
JAGER, Kylie
JAGER, Lawson
JAGER, Lydia Ann18331905
JAGER, Marie Wilhelmine Karoline10.07.183205.06.1906
JAGER, Marita
JAGER, Mary Magdalena
JAGER, Richard
JAGER, Robert
JAGER, Robert

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