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15 Individuals with the HUETTIG Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HUETTIG, Alice Sophie Marie1 MAY 1909
HUETTIG, Christopher Mathias10 SEP 1962
HUETTIG, Dora Gertrude6 APR 19086 APR 1991
HUETTIG, Edward Kales"Ted"1 MAR 1964
HUETTIG, Ellen7 MAR 1942
HUETTIG, Ellen Virginia16 FEB 1966
HUETTIG, Hugo G. III17 AUG 1937
HUETTIG, Hugo Gustav7 AUG 186620 JUL 1948
HUETTIG, Hugo Gustav Jr26 SEP 19131973
HUETTIG, James Lloyd29 APR 1986
HUETTIG, Katherine Ritchey3 JUL 1969
HUETTIG, Robert Scott26 AUG 1983
HUETTIG, Taylor Elisabeth13 OCT 1990
HUETTIG, Virginia Hayward10 MAY 1951

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