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66 Individuals with the HOUTZ Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HOUTZ, Angela Marie
HOUTZ, Annette Louise
HOUTZ, Atona Frank
HOUTZ, Brian Christopher
HOUTZ, C. WillardAbt 1876
HOUTZ, Catharine18 SEP 1816
HOUTZ, Christian19 MAY 17753 AUG 1852
HOUTZ, Christian Willard22 JUL 1854
HOUTZ, Daniel
HOUTZ, Daniel15 APR 1807
HOUTZ, Edward Lafayette27 JUL 18593 FEB 1942
HOUTZ, Eleanor14 AUG 183113 SEP 1896
HOUTZ, Elizabeth10 OCT 1820
HOUTZ, Elsie Verlene
HOUTZ, Emmanuel20 JUN 1818
HOUTZ, Etha Loretta2 APR 187928 MAY 1966
HOUTZ, Francis Irwin5 AUG 187615 JAN 1957
HOUTZ, Frederick Mease17 JUL 1851
HOUTZ, Gary Lee
HOUTZ, George(?) 1816(?) Apr 1853
HOUTZ, Heber Christian18 DEC 1846
HOUTZ, Henry
HOUTZ, Henry Alexander22 JUN 18562 JUL 1942
HOUTZ, Henry C27 SEP 1809
HOUTZ, Henry Pauling12 MAY 1836
HOUTZ, Jacob22 MAY 1848
HOUTZ, Jacob12 OCT 181411 DEC 1896
HOUTZ, Jacob31 MAR 181113 OCT 1812
HOUTZ, Jacob16 JUL 18051805
HOUTZ, James25 JUN 186330 JUN 1863
HOUTZ, James Kristian
HOUTZ, James Robert
HOUTZ, James Ronald
HOUTZ, John18 FEB 18625 APR 1862
HOUTZ, John5 JUL 1803
HOUTZ, John Christian16 JUL 180519 NOV 1850
HOUTZ, John Cline19 JUL 182922 FEB 1885
HOUTZ, John Joseph26 OCT 187330 JUL 1969
HOUTZ, John Shannon3 APR 1833
HOUTZ, Joseph Orson21 AUG 1857
HOUTZ, Katherine6 Oct 186228 Oct 1929
HOUTZ, Lavern
HOUTZ, Lavina1835
HOUTZ, Leonard
HOUTZ, LeonardABT 1766(?) 1824
HOUTZ, LeRoy M.19081971
HOUTZ, Lorenzo Snow30 OCT 1850
HOUTZ, Lula Belle12 MAY 18681 JAN 1926
HOUTZ, Lydia17 OCT 1812
HOUTZ, Magdalene(bef 1881)
HOUTZ, Maria1842
HOUTZ, Mary Elizabeth19 MAY 1840
HOUTZ, Mary Lucinda2 JUL 1842
HOUTZ, Moses E.ABT 1868
HOUTZ, Philip13 SEP 1838
HOUTZ, Robert Lee29 JUN 18717 OCT 1901
HOUTZ, Ryan Matthew
HOUTZ, Susan12 FEB 1910
HOUTZ, VergiaABT 1903
HOUTZ, Vernon Duane
HOUTZ, Vida10 JUL 189128 AUG 1959
HOUTZ, Virginia Alice12 SEP 186428 OCT 1875
HOUTZ, Watson Christian19 APR 1841
HOUTZ, Winifred4 JUN 190010 NOV 1951

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