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27 Individuals with the HOWSLEY Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HOWSLEY, Andrew Dub16 JUN 1930
HOWSLEY, Andrew Matthews10 FEB 190116 AUG 1963
HOWSLEY, Angela LaVelle13 OCT 1956
HOWSLEY, Annelia25 NOV 1926
HOWSLEY, Annette Elizabeth27 MAR 1889
HOWSLEY, Beulah Beatrice18 JUN 1895
HOWSLEY, Carrilee7 MAR 189312 JUL 1976
HOWSLEY, Charles7 MAR 18937 MAR 1893
HOWSLEY, David Clayton8 DEC 1983
HOWSLEY, David Langford18 JUL 1920
HOWSLEY, David Matthews30 SEP 1954
HOWSLEY, Edna Walton30 SEP 189011 DEC 1893
HOWSLEY, Elmer Bembrey17 AUG 1918
HOWSLEY, Hester Louise24 MAR 1910
HOWSLEY, Joshua Mathews12 DEC 1980
HOWSLEY, Lois Evalynne29 JUL 1923
HOWSLEY, Louis Albert29 APR 188627 AUG 1969
HOWSLEY, Louis Albert Jr.17 AUG 19161993
HOWSLEY, Margaret Ann (Maggie)MAR 188417 DEC 1887
HOWSLEY, Paul Fenton2 MAR 1959
HOWSLEY, Rosalynne Joyce6 SEP 1905
HOWSLEY, Vernon Matthews24 JUL 1914FEB 1991
HOWSLEY, William Carvel24 DEC 19111993
HOWSLEY, William Davis28 MAR 185124 JUL 1932
HOWSLEY, William Davis, Jr. (Dub)10 FEB 189916 AUG 1963
HOWSLEY, William Robert1821

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