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37 Individuals with the HESSE-CASSEL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
HESSE-CASSEL, Augusta of17971889
HESSE-CASSEL, Charles ofAbt 16801730
HESSE-CASSEL, Charles of17441836
HESSE-CASSEL, Charles of3 AUG 16541730
HESSE-CASSEL, Charles VII of20 Jan 1745
HESSE-CASSEL, Charlotte Amalie ofAbt 1650
HESSE-CASSEL, Charlotte Amelia of27 APR 165027 MAR 1714
HESSE-CASSEL, Elizabeth Henrietta of8 NOV 166127 JUN 1683
HESSE-CASSEL, Elizabeth Henrietta of1683
HESSE-CASSEL, Elizabeth Henrietta of8 NOV 16611683
HESSE-CASSEL, Frederick I of16761751
HESSE-CASSEL, Frederick II William of17471837
HESSE-CASSEL, Frederick William of17871867
HESSE-CASSEL, Karl Landgrave of19 DEC 174417 AUG 1836
HESSE-CASSEL, Louisa Carolina of17891867
HESSE-CASSEL, Louisa of18171898
HESSE-CASSEL, Louise Wilhelmina of7 SEP 181729 SEP 1898
HESSE-CASSEL, Marie Louise Charlotte of9 MAY 181428 JUL 1895
HESSE-CASSEL, Maurice ofAbt 15601627
HESSE-CASSEL, Maurice the Learned of25 MAY 157215 MAR 1631/32
HESSE-CASSEL, Max Joseph of
HESSE-CASSEL, Moritz of15721632
HESSE-CASSEL, Wilhelm I Elector_of3 JUN 174327 FEB
HESSE-CASSEL, Wilhelm Prince_of25 DEC 17411 JUN 1742
HESSE-CASSEL, Wilhelm VII of21 JUN 16511670
HESSE-CASSEL, Wilhelm VIII of16821760
HESSE-CASSEL, William II of17771847
HESSE-CASSEL, William IV the Wise of24 JUN 153225 AUG 1592
HESSE-CASSEL, William IV The Wise ofAbt 15321592
HESSE-CASSEL, William IX of17431821
HESSE-CASSEL, William V ofAbt 15901637
HESSE-CASSEL, William V the Constant of13 FEB 1601/0221 SEP 1637
HESSE-CASSEL, William VI ofAbt 16201663
HESSE-CASSEL, William VI the Just of23 MAY 162916 JUL 1663
HESSE-CASSEL, William VII of16501670
HESSE-CASSEL, William VIII of16821760

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