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29 Individuals with the GAIL Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GAIL, Anna Eva28 Oct 1721
GAIL, Anna Margaretha23 Aug 1672
GAIL, Christoph
GAIL, Daniel Thielmann17 Dec 1701
GAIL, Dorothea Felicitas26 Nov 1739
GAIL, Ellen Louisa
GAIL, Georg Friedrich29 Sep 175117 May 1821
GAIL, Johann Adam18 Nov 17021 Oct 1773
GAIL, Johann Georg Werner3 Jan 167615 Apr 1731
GAIL, Johann Jacob2 May 1705
GAIL, Johann Martin3 Feb 17114 Oct 1790
GAIL, Johann Martin24 Sep 1741
GAIL, Johann Martin Heinrich4 Sep 1757
GAIL, Johanna Charlottte17 Jun 174523 Nov 1746
GAIL, Johanna Dorothea5 Mar 173810 Apr 1739
GAIL, Johannes165216 Oct 1673
GAIL, Joyce
GAIL, Margaretha Catharina28 Sep 1753
GAIL, Maria Katharina29 Jan 1671
GAIL, Nellie Adele17 NOV 186226 AUG 1937
GAIL, Susanna Catharina8 May 1743
GAIL, UnknownABT 1585
GAIL, Walter Cooke or16185 Jan 1694/95
GAIL, Private

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