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42 Individuals with the GALLE Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
GALLE, Amelia Adelle10 AUG 1871
GALLE, AnnaABT 1865__ ___ ____
GALLE, Anne Eulalie12 FEB 1848
GALLE, Antoine Lucien7 NOV 1841
GALLE, AntonABT 1875__ ___ ____
GALLE, Astrid
GALLE, Astrid
GALLE, Bertha Alphosine12 DEC 18793 FEB 1953
GALLE, Beverly
GALLE, Carl Josef30 JAN 18311 MAY 1890
GALLE, Clarence A. , Jr
GALLE, Clarence A. , Sr1879
GALLE, Dominic1930
GALLE, Dorothy
GALLE, Edwin1878
GALLE, Evelyn
GALLE, Frank1876
GALLE, Frosine Sophie Amanda17 APR 1850
GALLE, George Felix20 OCT 1873
GALLE, Geraldine B.Private
GALLE, Hans23 JUN 1902__ ___ ____
GALLE, Jerome Francois Octave21 AUG 1852
GALLE, Jerome Manuel1803
GALLE, Joseph Ernest16 AUG 18763 JUN 1935
GALLE, Joseph Ernest23 DEC 18991953
GALLE, Joseph Ernest1 MAR 193315 JUN 1996
GALLE, Jules Felix29 JUN 1843
GALLE, Karl1 MAR 1901__ ___ ____
GALLE, Lawrence
GALLE, Leopold George20 MAR 1840
GALLE, Lillian
GALLE, LillianPrivate
GALLE, Loretta
GALLE, Louis Joseph16 SEP 18458 JAN 1900
GALLE, Mabel Marie1904
GALLE, Maria Dolorosa17 AUG 1907__ ___ ____
GALLE, Mary J.1865
GALLE, Mary Marie Louise27 FEB 1868
GALLE, Mildred MercedesPrivate
GALLE, Pierre Coumain Manuel1 DEC 1838
GALLE, Susan Marie1971
GALLE, William P.Private

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