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700 Individuals with the EWING Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EWING, "Zelma" Arrena31 MAR 190916 JUL 1998
EWING, ("unknown")
EWING, Abigail1743
EWING, Abigail17811865
EWING, Abraham Lincoln24 FEB 1862
EWING, Adela
EWING, Agnes I.ABT 1920
EWING, Albert4 FEB 1843
EWING, Alexander18921980
EWING, Alexander18921980
EWING, AlexanderBEF JUN 1792
EWING, Alexander21 NOV 17987 FEB 1871
EWING, Alexander E.2 OCT 18146 JAN 1901
EWING, Alexander FranklinABT 1852UNKNOWN
EWING, AlexeNOV 11 1840
EWING, Alice Mae28 APR 190011 MAR 1997
EWING, Alma Edith23 APR 1879
EWING, Almedus James4 FEB 187222 FEB 1919
EWING, Amelia Ann26 SEP 183715 MAY 1905
EWING, Amy Hunter17501844
EWING, Anderson
EWING, Anderson Shaffer11 OCT 184029 JUN 1920
EWING, AndrewMAR 2 1836
EWING, Andrew H18161889
EWING, Andrew Julius
EWING, Andrew ShaferAbt 1844
EWING, Andrew ShaferAbt 1844
EWING, Andrew ShaferABT 1844
EWING, Ann1708
EWING, Ann7 APR 181028 FEB 1897
EWING, Anna1779
EWING, Anna5 NOV 180825 SEP 1861
EWING, Anna1804
EWING, Anna Margaret26 FEB 18637 AUG 1883
EWING, Anna RebeccaAbt 1865
EWING, Annabelle31 OCT 187618 FEB 1916
EWING, Anthony Wayne1 Jan 189014 Feb 1878
EWING, Archibald2 OCT 183028 APR 1896
EWING, Archibald28 NOV 18066 MAY 1875
EWING, Archibald17672 JAN 1842
EWING, Archibald Clark19 OCT 1861
EWING, Archie
EWING, ARCHIE15 SEP 190031 DEC 1983
EWING, Artamis
EWING, Arthur
EWING, Arthur Brownley1 JUN 1841
EWING, Arthur Willard5 MAR 1899
EWING, Athalia
EWING, AtleyABT 1893
EWING, Austin11 NOV 183420 JUN 1908
EWING, Austin Rutherford10 MAR 187911 NOV 1914
EWING, AvaABT 1918
EWING, BakerAbt 17501803
EWING, Barbara
EWING, Barbara Jeane22 FEB 1921
EWING, Barbara Jeane
EWING, Barry
EWING, Bedella Grace4 FEB 1877
EWING, Benjamin
EWING, Benjamin "Ben" Franklin11 MAR 185823 APR 1898
EWING, Benjamin W.1842
EWING, Bernal
EWING, Bert Henry1 NOV 188610 APR 1970
EWING, Beryl1844
EWING, Bethia Catherine18 Jul 185410 Mar 1934
EWING, Bettie
EWING, Blanch
EWING, Bobby
EWING, Brent Eugene
EWING, Brent Eugene
EWING, Brian K.ABT 1957
EWING, Bridgette Speir
EWING, Buddy
EWING, CaWFT Est 1834-1875WFT Est 1875-1956
EWING, CaWFT Est. 1834-1875WFT Est. 1875-1956
EWING, Calvin B.25 FEB 18338 JUN 1888
EWING, Candice Ranae
EWING, Carl Alexander22 JUL 1883
EWING, Carleton
EWING, Carol
EWING, Carol
EWING, Caroline Maslin
EWING, Caroline MaslinABT 1843
EWING, Caroline Maslin184419 Jan 1929
EWING, Carrel Adali7 APR 189210 APR 1894
EWING, Cartha GinaJUN 186810 FEB 1946
EWING, Cassander "Cassie"7 APR 189220 OCT 1892
EWING, Catherine3 MAR 182128 JAN 1849
EWING, Catherine176920 MAY 1856
EWING, Catherine Cogle14 Nov 181518 Dec 1904
EWING, Catherine P.18 FEB 18108 JUN 1839
EWING, CharlesPrivate
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles
EWING, Charles6 Mar 18351883
EWING, Charles Allison12 AUG 1883
EWING, Charles Fredrick11 OCT 192616 AUG 1983
EWING, Charles Fredrick9 JUN 1902JAN 1981
EWING, Charles S.1881UNKNOWN
EWING, Charles W.18 JAN 188514 AUG 1957
EWING, Charlotte15 MAR 189410 FEB 1995
EWING, Chatham1770
EWING, Cheryl Denise1950
EWING, Chester
EWING, Chester1941
EWING, Cisroe
EWING, Clark29 AUG 184028 FEB 1905
EWING, Claude D.9 SEP 188111 AUG 1958
EWING, ClydeABT 1925
EWING, Col. Baker Finis
EWING, Col. Young
EWING, Constance
EWING, Courtney Lee
EWING, Dalton4 SEP 191117 JUL 1912
EWING, David1966
EWING, David1858
EWING, David1762
EWING, David Arthur
EWING, David C18111835
EWING, Debra
EWING, Delilah
EWING, Delilah C.11 MAR 1843
EWING, Denise Ann
EWING, Dixie Ermel29 APR 188916 AUG 1965
EWING, Dixon
EWING, Donna
EWING, Doris
EWING, Dorthy
EWING, Earl M.19 JAN 1910
EWING, Edward
EWING, EdwinABT 1815
EWING, Edwin Oliver26 FEB 1854
EWING, EileneABT 1919
EWING, Eleanor9 MAY 186624 FEB 1867
EWING, EleanorAUG 180831 OCT 1897
EWING, Eleanor175823 JUL 1842
EWING, Eleanor Boyle18241888
EWING, ELIJAH B.18661931
EWING, Elinor Hunter1788
EWING, Eliza W. "Lide"18651929
EWING, Elizabeth1837
EWING, Elizabeth1841
EWING, ElizabethAbt 1809
EWING, Elizabeth
EWING, Elizabeth
EWING, Elizabeth1897
EWING, Elizabeth1776
EWING, Elizah10 SEP 1844
EWING, Ella Elizabeth4 OCT 1877
EWING, Ellen Boyle
EWING, Ellen Boyle
EWING, Ellen MayAUG 7 1886
EWING, Elmer Ellis18 SEP 18741953
EWING, Elmer John10 FEB 1888JAN 1975
EWING, Emeline15 MAY 184530 MAY 1895
EWING, Emma F.
EWING, Eric Edward
EWING, Esther
EWING, Eugene20 NOV 1898BEF 1900
EWING, Felix Elijah16 DEC 1880
EWING, Findley1694
EWING, Findley1650
EWING, Finis10 Jul 17734 Jul 1841
EWING, FinisABOUT 1770
EWING, Florence
EWING, Frances
EWING, Frances E.1854
EWING, Frances E.8 FEB 1865
EWING, Francis Gault27 JUN 185214 APR 1874
EWING, Frank
EWING, Frank
EWING, Frank Calvin19 JAN 1888
EWING, Frank Reginald11 AUG 1890
EWING, Frank Russell23 JUL 18641945
EWING, Garland18781878
EWING, George1715
EWING, George11 MAR 177928 NOV 1849
EWING, George18221823
EWING, George17791849
EWING, George17541824
EWING, George A.ABT 1929
EWING, George Gibson21 SEP 1886
EWING, George Hawksby22 JAN 1884MAR 1922
EWING, George Patterson14 OCT 1876
EWING, George Sashwell15 SEP 189020 DEC 1968
EWING, George V.
EWING, George W.18494 JAN 1912
EWING, George W.31 OCT 188028 SEP 1959
EWING, George Washington
EWING, Georgia
EWING, Georgia
EWING, Georgia AnnPrivate
EWING, Georgia Lavada13 JUN 191912 AUG 1994
EWING, Gertrude1906
EWING, Gibson23 JUL 181811 FEB 1890
EWING, Gibson Cargill24 FEB 185114 JUL 1913
EWING, GraceABT 1900Deceased
EWING, Grant24 APR 1920
EWING, Grant24 APR 1920
EWING, HannahJUL 21 1837OCT 5 1869
EWING, Hannah
EWING, Hannah Harris17871860
EWING, Harmon Roy14 MAY 187517 JAN 1927
EWING, Harold Floyd
EWING, Harrison Jones14 APR 18462 MAY 1903
EWING, Harrison Watson26 JUL 1874
EWING, Harry Gibson1 MAY 1891
EWING, Harvey
EWING, Harvey21 DEC 184511 APR 1920
EWING, Harvey C.7 DEC 183026 MAR 1894
EWING, Harvey John14 APR 191420 FEB 1963
EWING, Harvey Russell15 FEB 1854
EWING, Harvey Wilbur11 FEB 1892
EWING, Hazel Jospephine24 APR 189027 JUL 1928
EWING, Henry
EWING, Henry M.31 MAY 1856
EWING, Henry(S)MAR 3 1843
EWING, Hewdiel
EWING, Hollis
EWING, Hugh Boyle18261905
EWING, Husband
EWING, Infant Son
EWING, Infant Son
EWING, Isaac
EWING, Isabella1856
EWING, Isabella "Isabell"18681940
EWING, Isola FlorenceABT 1856UNKNOWN
EWING, J. Calvin1863

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