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311 Individuals with the EANES Surname

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Surname, FirstnameBirthDeath
EANES, Ada Augusta3 MAY 1871
EANES, AdelineMAY 1857
EANES, Albert Rush13 OCT 1871
EANES, Alexander21 AUG 1806
EANES, Alice1846
EANES, Ann1840
EANES, Ann24 AUG 1757
EANES, Ann "Annie" Virginia Page19 NOV 183315 NOV 1925
EANES, Ardenia Marye
EANES, Arthur17601818
EANES, Arthur Bland8 MAY 190329 JAN 1974
EANES, Arthur Clay2 MAY 183221 JUL 1902
EANES, Arthur J.13 AUG 185718 JAN 1859
EANES, Arthur Musco19 DEC 1879
EANES, Arthur Richard2 SEP 1845
EANES, Arthur Washington25 MAR 1800AFT 1870
EANES, Arthur Washington ll18615 DEC 1912
EANES, Augustus Montague Toplady1841
EANES, baby boy1 FEB 190815 MAR 1908
EANES, Barbara JeanJAN 1947
EANES, Blair1856
EANES, Blair Holbrook18 JAN 1824AFT 1870
EANES, Bobby Jean6 FEB 1932
EANES, Bonnie Faye19 NOV 1947
EANES, Bruce John9 JAN 1961
EANES, Bulah1910
EANES, Callie1872
EANES, Carlton Philip7 AUG 1952
EANES, Charles22 JAN 1875
EANES, Charles H.2 MAY 187723 AUG 1877
EANES, Charles Lawrence3 JAN 1926
EANES, Charles Samuel26 OCT 1861
EANES, Clyde Nelson28 AUG 1933
EANES, Cynthia PeninaAFT 1850
EANES, DanielABT 1775AFT 1830
EANES, David
EANES, David
EANES, David Dance5 OCT 1893
EANES, Donella Faye25 FEB 1970
EANES, Donnie Earl26 JUL 1944
EANES, Dorothy Alice26 AUG 1938
EANES, Douglas Earl13 APR 1940
EANES, Edith
EANES, Edward2 MAY 17611846
EANES, Edward16901757
EANES, Edward5 JAN 1723
EANES, Edward11 JUL 175524 MAR 1813
EANES, Edward "Ned"1813
EANES, Edward S.1797
EANES, Edwin18 SEP 1801
EANES, Eleanor Marcella2 SEP 1829
EANES, Elizabeth1833
EANES, Elizabeth6 MAY 1727
EANES, Elizabeth
EANES, Ella Elizabeth1912
EANES, Elvin Ray21 JUL 1919
EANES, Elvina "Ellen"18571876
EANES, Emily1867
EANES, Emma1874
EANES, Fannie
EANES, Francis P.
EANES, Frank15 MAY 18686 JUL 1941
EANES, Frank6 JAN 1874
EANES, George H.
EANES, George Washington1802
EANES, George William16 OCT 18691 APR 1941
EANES, George William III15 AUG 1947
EANES, George William IV18 SEP 1965
EANES, George William Jr.20 DEC 19069 JUN 1985
EANES, Geraldine24 SEP 1963
EANES, Gertrude Princess12 NOV 1913
EANES, Gregory Allen14 SEP 1953
EANES, Hardin1865
EANES, Harold Ashton Jr.18 NOV 1948
EANES, Harold Ashton Sr.8 AUG 1927
EANES, Harriette Elizabeth19 MAY 186220 DEC 1947
EANES, Harry Edward1901
EANES, Hattie P.26 OCT 186328 DEC 1935
EANES, Helen Jean25 SEP 1948
EANES, Henry17911860
EANES, HenryABT 17571828
EANES, Henry
EANES, Henry Bartholomew1845
EANES, Henry Clay10 AUG 1876
EANES, Henry Jr.BEF 1747AFT 1796
EANES, Henry P.17801853
EANES, Henry Sr.1715
EANES, Henry Woodson1820
EANES, Herbert1800
EANES, Herbert17771859
EANES, Herbert Bartholomew1 APR 1883
EANES, Homer Clyde Jr.29 JUN 1944
EANES, Homer Clyde Sr.13 SEP 191527 JUL 1991
EANES, Homer Robert "Bob" Sr.9 JUL 189819 JUL 1956
EANES, Homer Robert "Jim" Jr.6 DEC 1924
EANES, Ivy Omega18 FEB 1906
EANES, James1850
EANES, James Arthur
EANES, James E.
EANES, James Giles11 AUG 1859
EANES, James Gill11 MAY 177226 OCT 1772
EANES, James H.
EANES, James H.1829
EANES, James Henry19 APR 1802APR 1885
EANES, James Henry9 MAR 186320 OCT 1887
EANES, James Lee Starling1813
EANES, James Leonard22 MAR 1967
EANES, James Madison3 SEP 1810DEC 1863
EANES, James Mariable2 DEC 1868
EANES, James O.1835
EANES, James PrestonABT 1820AFT 1870
EANES, James Ralph10 JAN 1926
EANES, James Thomas22 AUG 189718 MAY 1955
EANES, James Walter Jr.26 AUG 1959
EANES, James Walter Sr.18 NOV 191914 FEB 1995
EANES, Jason Wade23 NOV 1973
EANES, Jearl Albert Lee14 AUG 1939
EANES, Jesse1858
EANES, Jesse Dryden21 JAN 190219 JAN 1968
EANES, Jessie1899
EANES, Jimmy18 JUL 1955
EANES, Joan Carolyn8 OCT 1949
EANES, Joan Dean20 SEP 1953
EANES, John1783AFT 1860
EANES, JohnABT 18281851
EANES, John2 JUL 1725
EANES, John10 OCT 174511 JUL 1802
EANES, John23 OCT 1790
EANES, John BAbt 18631931
EANES, John Britton15 SEP 18157 JUL 1879
EANES, John Edward20 FEB 184317 APR 1900
EANES, John Oscar
EANES, John Oscar1848
EANES, Joseph H.APR 18661940
EANES, Joseph Hannable15 JAN 1854
EANES, Joseph Hubbard1798AFT 1870
EANES, Joseph Luther III21 JAN 1967
EANES, Joseph Luther Jr.22 JUL 1943
EANES, Joseph Newton Luther Sr.17 OCT 191116 JAN 1977
EANES, Joseph Washington "Booker"1858
EANES, JosephineABT 1830
EANES, Josha6 DEC 1988
EANES, Josiah1784AFT 1850
EANES, Josiah13 JUN 17331778
EANES, Josiah Osborn1834AFT 1883
EANES, Josiah Osborne25 OCT 1866
EANES, Judith Ann7 NOV 1965
EANES, Julia A.18591876
EANES, Julia A.2 FEB 1882
EANES, Julia Elizabeth16 NOV 18872 OCT 1967
EANES, Julia May12 MAY 190415 NOV 1975
EANES, Katherine Ann11 FEB 1961
EANES, Kellie Renee1 SEP 1964
EANES, Laura F.1849
EANES, Leonard1903
EANES, Linda Jo24 DEC 1941
EANES, Linda Marie11 NOV 1951
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Living
EANES, Lorena Terrell10 JAN 1850
EANES, LouisianaABT 1825
EANES, Lucy Anne16 SEP 179930 MAY 1803
EANES, Lucy Henry4 JUN 185626 OCT 1933
EANES, Lucy Manester1847
EANES, Lucy Rebecca7 AUG 1831
EANES, Lula Alice30 NOV 187228 JAN 1941
EANES, Lula Beatrice5 JUL 189211 FEB 1941
EANES, Margaret A.22 APR 18531865
EANES, Marie Anne28 APR 1922
EANES, Martha1861
EANES, Martha
EANES, Martha
EANES, Martha19 DEC 17591827
EANES, Martha E.23 MAY 18415 SEP 1907
EANES, Martha Isobelle27 NOV 1861
EANES, Martha RebeccaSEP 1836
EANES, Martha Simmons18421 MAR 1898
EANES, Martha Virginia11 AUG 190021 JAN 1919
EANES, Martin
EANES, Martin S.1820
EANES, Mary1719
EANES, Mary1842
EANES, Mary28 SEP 17532 DEC 1817
EANES, Mary (Polly)
EANES, Mary (Polly)17831850
EANES, Mary A.ABT 1808
EANES, Mary AliceBEF. 1995
EANES, Mary Anna18 AUG 1891
EANES, Mary C.1836
EANES, Mary E.12 MAR 1844
EANES, Mary E.1848
EANES, Mary Elizabeth11 NOV 1880
EANES, Mary Elsie1 JUN 1905
EANES, Mary Emma24 JUL 1864
EANES, Mary Inez23 JAN 1922
EANES, Mary J.1861
EANES, Mary Jane21 MAR 181225 FEB 1886
EANES, Mary Jane14 MAY 18453 JAN 1893
EANES, Mattie Narcissi23 JUN 1888
EANES, May Bird1912
EANES, Mildred Lois13 JAN 1928
EANES, Missouri A.20 MAR 18395 SEP 1926
EANES, Missouri P.
EANES, Mora Kathrine23 MAR 1871
EANES, Myrtle Isabelle27 JUL 191015 JAN 1977
EANES, Nancy
EANES, Nancy1801
EANES, Nancy
EANES, Nancy M.29 MAY 180621 MAY 1853
EANES, Nany1909
EANES, Nina Marcella8 JUL 19052 APR 1996
EANES, No children
EANES, Noel Thomas "Joe"20 AUG 1914
EANES, Oliver Kenneth21 MAR 1943
EANES, Oliver Thomas20 OCT 1909
EANES, Oscar Britton30 AUG 185814 OCT 1934
EANES, Ottaway Oscar19 MAR 181813 JAN 1899
EANES, PatsySEP 17691849
EANES, Pearl Oscar21 JUN 1915
EANES, Peggie Ann27 MAR 1939
EANES, Phebe1717
EANES, Philip Earl11 MAY 1912
EANES, Philip Lawrence23 SEP 188526 DEC 1941
EANES, Polly
EANES, Pope Dryden6 JUN 182418 AUG 1897
EANES, Pose Leslie18 JUL 1888
EANES, Raney29 JUL 1870
EANES, Rebecca I.1849
EANES, Rebekah
EANES, Richard B.1844
EANES, Richard Burton1907
EANES, Richard Henry25 SEP 1889
EANES, Robert1805

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